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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karbear, Feb 25, 2003.

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    Hi, I was just wondering on some input about my 5 year old. I have FM, my 13 year old does also and my 5 year old shows signs that I think I should be concerned and think she should see a rhematoid doctor also. I am not sure and wondered if anyone had a young child dealing with this. She has also been a child who says"my legs hurt,or my legs are tired" like walking through the mall, she needs to be carried and I can't do it anymore so I put her stroller back in the van to have it with me now. She complains her legs are tired and will drop to the floor and cry. At night on days she should be exhausted,school,dance and playing, she can't seem to fall asleep, moving and kicking her legs,around 10:30-11:00 she will finanlly crash and in the A.M. ,its horrible to wake her, she has to be up at 6:30. The teacher tells me she is the only one of 26 kids that actually falls asleep at naptime. a short nap now cause I make them wake her after 1/2 hour, she was sleeping two !!Many nights we spend carry her back to her own bed cause she wakes up and comes in my bed, and kicks and hits us while shes sleeping.very restless sleeper..Not sure if its anything to do with FM or not??? should I get an appt. to a rheumy?? thanks for your help..god bless,karin
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    Hi, and welcome to our board; I don't think I've talked to you before. I'm so sorry about your and your children's having this. It runs in my family too. Children are turning up with FMS at younger and younger ages. I would see the doc who is caring for your older child or find a pediatric specialist for FMS. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    about her painful legs and tiredness~see if he/she wants to take it further and send her to a Rhuematologist. I have 3 boys,so I'm familiar with whats normal or not.(somewhat anyway~) My older two are very active and never complain unless they're down and out sick with abug.But my youngest who's 6 yrs....He always says the same thing as your daughter,"my legs are too tired" or "my bodys sore".
    Now its making me wonder???I mean I always thought it odd but have never checked into it~Honestly the thought of FM in a child is a horrible thought!scary!! If he complains much more I will have him checked. Odd, he always ends up in my bed too!!about 5 nights aweek!! and he's a mover&a shaker too!!LOL My son does'nt act tired during the day thou. No naps needed in our house!!well,just me!!
    Hope you get some answers,
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    Thanks for your responses. I think I will call the pediatrician to do a referral for me. She has heard of my daughters complaints many times during visits. I know she will have no problem with the referral, my daughter who is 13 and myself see a rheumy but he won't take my 5 year old cause she is too young,he usually don't see 13 year olds either..Just for peace of mind, if I can help her now so she don't have to suffer like my 13 year old for years of pain and no answer ...I am sorry to hear that your son has the same syptoms, I will keep you posted here to let you know ..sounds like he suffers from the same problems as my daughter, during the day when she plays you wouldn't know anything is wrong with her either, she plays like others...night time she is so restless ..i'm still chasing her to bed and its 10 pm....school night!!! thanks again, karin