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    I think I mentioned this in a post a few days ago but I was hoping to get some more opinions about it. I am going through the disability process and got a letter a couple of weeks ago to go and see a psychiatrist for an evaluation. Well a few days later I get another letter saying that I didnt need to go. I called my case working to confirm the letter and he said that yes the appt had been cancelled because they had all the info they needed. Well I was glad because I have my own phychiatrist I am going to and I have heard bad stories about going to SSA doc. I would like to hear your opinions, should I take that as a good sign? bad sign? or neither lol. Also anyone ever been approved on the first try? Thanks all can't wait to hear back from ya!
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    anyone? lol
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    Hi Jean, I've been on SSI now since 1995 and I've never heard of anyone getting approved on the 1st try, but who really knows ,you just might. It's seems so hard to tell .Sometimes it make you wonder who make the final decision anyway. Gook Luck though.Keep us posted Danisue