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    most of our Gps know less about our illnesses than we do. so we must help educate them. I talked to my Gp who i haven't seen in over a year because someone told me that this guy treats fm and he's great. Well this great guy just spent $3000.00 of my money that i didn't have. I had sleep studies and Pt and went to a rheumy.

    After all that and all of my money. they still have come up with nothing. And I don't have sleep apnea and well i may have ra sneaking up. But these doctors are still where they were a year ago.

    As i was saying, my original gp has been doing some additional research and has come up with some interesting things. He's actually learned some stuff about what we are facing. he's also been in the store i work at and has seen first hand what its like when i'm in a flare. This prompted him into looking into things.

    so friday when i went to see him, he told me he had been reading up on fm and suggested a few new things. So now we are trying celebrex, a muscle relaxer, along with pushing up my levothyroxin a little more. Maybe this will help.

    We need to keep pushing literature and studies on our doctors until they finally get it.

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    And yet it will still continue to be an experimental process of trying one thing after another... at our expense unfortunately.

    all the best!

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    When you are taking about diagnosing fibro or CFS, seems it is a hard thing to finally pinpoint. They have to basically rule out everthing else, first. And, this is such a crazy disease, with soooo many symptoms! I guess I can understand how it's hard for the doc's to always know what to do too. That's why you have to try different things, cause not any one thing seems to help everyone. If you feel your doc could use some info, copy some off the internet, and take a copy to them on your next visit. Give it to them. Mine is always happy to read up on stuff I give her. I am fortunate in that I have always had a good doc. who was pretty well informed about fibro (and I was diagnosed 17 years ago!) so I'm lucky that way. Anyways, I hope you get some answers soon. Best of luck to you