What does a pain specialist do?

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  1. WorldFalls

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    Hi...my doctor has referred me to a pain specialist. I didn't know there was such a thing. What does the pain specialist do? Is this a physical therapy thing? Do they prescribe medications for pain? How frequently does one visit a pain specialist? Do they tend to be more understanding than regular doctors? And are they comfortable with their clients using narcotic medications?

    I'd really appreciate any info you can give me. I was sort of put off by the referral. I'm so sick of doctors that the last thing I want os to deal with yet another one.

    Thank you.
  2. epicurean

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    I have been seeing a pain managment spec. for almost a year-I cannot describe to you what a difference he has made.
    It is not PT-but he has given me a script for a water exercice class-and given me advice on exercise,etc.
    They give scripts for pain meds.,I am on a lot of meds including vicodin,neurontion,muscle relaxers,but most importantally is how good I have been sleeping since starting on my meds.To me thats makes all the diggerence in how I feel-so when I'm sleeping good I need to take less pain meds.
    I must see him once every one to two months-for thats is all the narcotics he will give at a time.
    My first appt. was about two hours long-that mostly condsisted of questions and checking for tender points.
    I am so gratefull for him,and for my PCP for sending me to him.I say-go for it!!!
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    Hi, just wanted you to know that i go to a pain management doctor. I didn't know about them either until a few weeks ago when i was referred. The doctor i saw was very compasionate. He asked a lot of questions and listened to verything i said, i was there about 1 1/2 hours. He was very gentle with me and was very willing to work with the other doctors i see that are doing testing. He said that since they are taking care of the testing part, that it was up to him to relieve my pain and help me function better. He prescribed a low dose time release morphine capsule and told me that if it didn't help much, then there are others that we can try. So far it has helped a lot. I am so glad that i went, he was so much more caring than the rheum. and the neurologist that i see. I think you should definately go. Good Luck. Rose Morgan
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    are marvelous. They never doubt for a second that you are in big pain. They have NO qualms about writing scripts in triplicate. The one I went to was swamped with patients.
    Still he spent an hour with me and gave me whatever I wanted. They also have clinics where you can go have procedures done, like trigger point injections. These guys are remarkable. So different from every other kind of doc.
    I don't understand why all doctors don't get the training for pain like they do.
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    Dear Worldfall,
    HI ,I have to agree with the others.My painmanageteam has done miracles for me. I have fibro.I have gotten to the point that i couldnt walk and was in a wheelchair.After about 5 months i got to wear the pain in my legs were gone.
    I did get several shots ,each month i got a shot in a different place. He put me on a diet that should calm the fibro down.He also perscribed different supplements,and gave me perscriptions.
    I pray that you Pain DR.is as wonderful as mine.
    Oh,i am out of the wheelchair unless i have to do alot of walking distance,but i also have periferial neruropathy.That is a condition with the nerves in my legs.

  6. CATLADY912

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    For one thing, most of them take better care of you than a regular m.d. because they have had the training and have the abillity to write the scripts for pain-meds. I went to another pain spec since the first one I had would not listen to me and wannted everything his way and I knew my body better than he did. This second dr. I have is wonderful. I went, I took a psyh exam,answered a dozen questions, was examined, he looked at my recoreds, aske me why I was changing doctors, I told him, than we went on from there. I go once every three months. He write me scripts for the months that I don't see him on the methadone, and than gives me refills on my Lorcet Plus. He is very good and very smart. We had our ups and downs for awhile but after I told him about what I thought was causing my pain to be worst and he gave me what I wanted on the meds part, the following visit my pain level was down and he told me I guess you can tell me """I told you So""". Since then we have gotten along fine and that was over a year ago. I'm on the same meds and haven't changed and I think my body has become adjusted to what I'm taking but as long as they do something I have no problem with them. As I told him, I don't want to be on anything that is heavy duty because my body would get use to that than where would I go. they don't develope new pain meds every day and I wanted to keep the heavy stuff till the day that I had to have it. So I take what I have and force myself to get up and go. I almost gave in today but I finally got myself up and dressed and started to do something. Try as many pain drs. that you have to till you find one that suits you.
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    I feel a lot better know that I can know what to expect. I appreciate that. I talked to someone today who lives in the same town as I do. He said that the pain specialists in Bellingham, where I live, aren't that good. I guess one of them got into trouble and is no longer in practice because he was prescribing too many drugs, which the people probabably needed! I don't know what came down here, but my primary care doctor is now only able to write one months worth of vikodin at a time. He used to write those sripts with refills. I don't know if the laws changed or what. It just seems like it's become harder to get strong pain killers. I just hope the pain specialist that I see allows me to stay on vikodin. Since I've been taking that, I've been able to go out each evening for a walk. It's not much, but it feels good to be doing SOMETHING that's good for me. Does anyone else here reply on strong pain killers to be able to do simple things like taking walks?
  8. epicurean

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    to do simples tasks.
    But like I said in first post to you,I take many meds.And after finding the right combination I do most anything ,within reason.I'm even back to the gym doing weight training-anything is possible!!