what does cfs do?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by smiffy79, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. smiffy79

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    and how does it affect you?
    i have been dx w.me but have always taken those symptoms to be my fm and i cant seem to find a symptom list.

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    I was dx with M.E. in 94, then a few years later doc told me name had changed to CFS.

    I asked Tansy what difference was as I felt that CFS didnt cover same symptoms as M.E., it was a more looser definition and didnt necessarily include muscle pain as a symptom.

    I'm copying Tansy's reply here -

    definition of M.E. as against CFS include neuropathic, joint and muscle pain was constructed to cover conditions other than ME, the main issue being CF.

    The Oxford definition of CFS is even vaguer than the CDC definition, it was published and put into use by the Wessley School.

    Before the confusing CFS definition came into use muscle pain was one of the symptoms used to make that diagnosis.

    I have always had severe muscle pain Smiffy and a few years ago I started having localised throbbing pain as well, I've now been diagnosed with Fibro too.

    M.E. and Fibro have lots of overlapping symptoms but with regards to pain, I feel CFS is more debilitating and all over whereas Fibro is a throbbing pain.

    Don't know if this is an answer to your question or not but hope it helps. I personally prefer to use the term M.E. but on this board CFS is what it is recognised by.

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    a lot of symptoms do overlap then dont they.
    by the looks of it the me has been active in me much longer than the fm.

    its such a shame there isnt a test yet,i wish there was then so many ppl will not have to suffer in silence :(
    right am getting miserable now,think happy thoughts :) thats betterlol