What does everyone do in their case to ease pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tedebear, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    I was wondering what methods anyone of you who experience constant pain do to ease the pain.
    I use my regular meds, periodic vicodin and duragesic pain patches, but still minimal relief. Warm baths, massages, etc...
    Burning, tingling, aching, ouch!!! Any suggestions?
    Thanks. Soft hugs.
  2. oceans

    oceans New Member

    hi. i have a few suggestions, i hope some are helpful.

    do you take epsom salts in your baths? the magnesium helps soothe pain.

    learning how to relax your body is also important. i'm sure you know the more pain you are in, the more tense your muscles are. try deep breathing & making your body limp on a daily basis if you have trouble becoming relaxed (like me).

    i'm in the bath at least three times per day. you need to get lots of rest, eat healthy foods, try swimming (or floating in the water, like i do) and hot tubs. try meditation. drink a lot of water. take the best care possible of your body, as unfortunately, it's the only one you've got. do the appropriate stretching for your condition, daily. try yoga and weight excercises, i.e. water aeorobics, light walking.
    try new things, natural medicines, accupuncture, etc. i would suggest seeing a naturapath, as well, they can be a wonderful help. they will help you figure out what the best foods for you to be eating are, and they will have suggestions on pain management as well. they can also identify if you are lacking anything that your body needs, like calcium, etc.

    educate yourself well, and do the research on FMS, the information out there will be a great guide for you. i'm trying to learn something new everyday.

    and always remember that mind, body and spirit are connected, where there is trouble in one, all are afflicted.

    with blessings,
    kate.[This Message was Edited on 01/07/2003]
  3. Eilie

    Eilie New Member

    Kate really summed it up nicely, tedebear. I would only add the possibility of taking Ultram. I know it doesn't work for a lot of people but it has worked wonders for me. I can take up to two 50mg tabs 4x a day. I find it's important to maintain a minimum dose because it does take Ultram up to 2 hours to kick in. So, I usually take 2 tabs in the am even if I wake up am not in pain. On those occasions when I've tried not to take the am dose, my pain quickly becomes horrible. After my morning dose, I gauge how much more to take depending on how I'm feeling.

    Generally, I take at least 100 mg a day. 200 mg is not unusual. Briefly at a couple times I was asymptomatic and didn't take any -- but those times didn't last long enough.

    I do hope you find the combo that works for you.

  4. oceans

    oceans New Member

    eilie, is Ultram a pain reliever?

    i don't know much about what medicines are out there, or which are commonly used for fibromyalgia patients, as i don't know anyone else personally, in real life, with fibromyalgia.

    it would be nice to have a list compiled of suspected helpful meds to take to my next doctor's appointment, and get some input from him.
  5. oceans

    oceans New Member

    on relaxation & tension from the library:

    Tip of the Day


    Most people are more aware of their surroundings than they are of what is going on inside. Tension within the body to cope with pain can be habitual and does not require your conscious awareness. Before you can lower physical stress levels, you must learn to become aware of internal stress and tension. “Body scanning” is taking a mental tour through your body to notice tension, stress, and pain. Take an inventory of your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, back, hips, thighs, knees, ankles, and feet. Where is there tension and pain? Most people with fibromyalgia try to avoid feeling their pain, which can be a good way to cope with it. To reduce pain, however, a body inventory shows you where tension needs to be reduced.

    (Source: The Fibromyalgia Help Book: Practical Guide to Living Better with Fibromyalgia by Jenny Fransen, R.N., and I. Jon Russell, M.D., Ph.D.)
  6. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I think the spasms from the fibro are typical.
    Rheumatologist did find left and right fibro cysts on the sacrailiac yesterday. Said this was a typical area on top of two trigger areas. Common he said. Not cancerous.

    Again, thanks.
    Soft hugs.
  7. Eilie

    Eilie New Member

    Yes, Ultram is a pain reliever. Like I said, it works wonders for me. If you try it, I hope it does for you as well!

  8. coyote

    coyote New Member

    Dear Tedebear,

    I do several different things.
    Sometimes I get acupuncture and massage. Sometimes I go for a walk, trying to keep an easy pace and not push myself. I find that walking a little sometimes can help me more than resting.
    I try to rest for an hour and a half at least each day.
    Somtimes I take Vioxx and hope.
    I find that my pain level is also related to how well I am sleeping.
  9. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I am mainly on supplements, herbs, vitamins, etc. The only med I take is Xanax, low dose (0.25 milligrams) at 6pm for racing brain syndrome. It can also be taken with OTC's Advil gel caps, the Xanax enhances the effect of the Advil, and it is a great pain reliever. BUT do keep in mind that Xanax can be very addictive if used consistantly.

    Xanax is an anti anxiety drug, a rather old one. It is addictive, but I only use it once a day, or if I feel an attack coming on.

    I have listed below what I take, hope it is helpful. If you have a question, please feel free to ask me, be glad to help.

    Shalom, Shirl

    Product; Pro Energy: Malic Acid & Magnesium Glycinate
    (I take one before breakfast, and one before lunch)
    This is for energy and pain.

    Product; Ultra B-Complex (High Potency with Folic Acid)
    (1 capsule after or during lunch) This helps with brain fog, and energy too.

    Product; 800IU's of Natural Vitamin E
    (For numbness, heart, blood etc)

    Product; Ester C 500 milligrams
    (antioxidant, helps prevent colds, virus etc.)

    Product; ZMA (zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B-6)
    For sleep, deep sleep also helps with muscle pains.
    (2 capsules at 10pm )

    Product; Jarro-Dophilus (Probotics)
    3 a day for IBS, replaces good bacteria

    Product; Melatonin (5milligrams)
    To help fall asleep, take right before bedtime.

    All the above can be bought from Pro Health, be sure to ask for a free catalog/Newsletter too. If you want to call the number is; 1-800-366-6056 or you can order on-line. Just go to the 'Store' link on the top right of this page for additional information on supplements.

    Product; Essiac Herbal Tea by Resperin Corp.
    This is a blood/liver cleanser. It is also known as a cancer cure/preventive.
    I take two ounces in the morning two ounces at night.
    Can be bought at most health food stores and Supplement catalogs.

    Product; Polynesian Pure Noni Juice
    (I take one teaspoon before breakfast, one before lunch for my IBS, it is a great product). I order it by the case!
    Can be bought in most health food stores, be sure you get the 'pure' juice or it won't work.

    Product; Natural Calm put out by 'Natural Vitality'
    This is a powdered Magnesium Citrate.
    (I take a teaspoon a day for pain, especially spasms . But don't take too much it will give you diarrhea).

    This is about it for the time being, as for a multi vitamin, I have trouble digesting them, so I drink two cans of Ensure a day for the multi.

    Also, I drink half my body weight in ounces of water per day, along with a quarter teaspoon of Sea Salt. This has helped with severe sinus headaches, and it seems to have helped the Fibro Fog too.

    Here is some good advice; I strongly recommend you add ONE thing at a time for at least a week or two, this way if you have a problem with a product/supplement, you know what is causing it. If you try to take too much at once then if you have a problem, you would have to quit everything and start over again.
    I learned this the hard way, so though I would pass on this wise advice!

    It took me years to get the right things that I could take. Wasted a lot of money on eyerything from doctors, prescription meds, and vitamins and herbs too.

    Just remember, we are all different, so some of what I take might not be the right thing for you. It really is trial and error with these illnesses.

    Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am usually here everyday, but not at a special time.

    PS, always buy the best supplements you can afford, as you really get what you pay for with supplements. Pro Health has some of the best ones I have ever taken, and I am not just promoting them, its the truth. I have taken there products before I ever heard of this board.

  10. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    I keep reading a lot of people on the board use magnesium.
    What effects does it have on the body and does it interfere with other meds or have any side effects?

    Soft hugs.
  11. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    Shirl, does the magnesium lessen the amount of spasms throughout, or the degree of pain severity? What is it that the magnesium actually does for you. Curious to try some.
    Thanks. Soft hugs.