What Does Fibromyalgia Pain Feel Like?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Slayadragon, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I've been on this board for a while now, and therefore have read FM sufferers talk about how they handle their pain.

    I don't think I've read much about exactly what that pain feels like though.

    I have CFS rather than fibro, and don't experience much pain.

    For those who do have a lot of pain, what does it feel like?
  2. Peace77

    Peace77 New Member

    Muscles get so tight and they won't loosen up no matter what you do. the only thing you can really do is rest.
    Even though they say the pain is in the muscles, ligaments and tendons, it feels like all your joints hurt.
    Sometimes when you try to stretch you flinch. So the pain can be shocking.
    I ache all over, especially in my back, neck, and hips, though my fingers and arms ache too.
    The pain can be shooting too.
    The tight muscles can cause spasms and then the pain is wierd, its sharp and hurts in all directions. It also gets the surrounding muscles spasming too.
    I'm cautious when people shake my hands because they usually hurt me.
    I guess its like you always have tight muscles or you feel like you constantly have the flu.
  3. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    its a burning, sharp, dull, achey, stabbing pain which can take your breath away...but it can also be tingling and numb feeling. In short in sucks.

  4. mariellenl

    mariellenl New Member

    For me it feels like my whole body is one big bruise. It hurts when people touch me, just like it would if you pressed on a bruise. When it rains or is cold my hips and back hurt and feel rusty like I have arthritis.
  5. poets

    poets Member

    The descriptions given so far are very accurate. You feel like someone beat the living daylights out of you, or after you would the next morning after doing extreme exercising. It can get unbelievably bad.

  6. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    The most succinct way for me to explain it to you is that I feel like I've been beaten up--only from the inside out.

  7. tabby8

    tabby8 New Member

    "I feel like I've been beaten up--only from the inside out". That is precisely how I feel. Thank you for your insight, Laura.
  8. stumped

    stumped New Member

    Yes.. Thanks for the insight too! I will now hug my daughter with care. Jeezus...this FM sucks. Rick
  9. margo60

    margo60 New Member

    Before I had FM/CFS had a friend who had FM ... I asked the same question and I was trying to understand her pain.

    Then unfortunately it was my turn to give a description to people.
    I felt like all my muscles were holding me hostage, the tightness and burning was unbearable.

    It also felt like all my muscles were squeezing every possible nerve ending in my body.

    My whole body felt like a sore thumb you just hit with a hammer.

    And yes, if you ever wondered what would be like to be beaten up with a bat this is IT.

    ((((Hugs to everyone))) Gentle Hugs!!
  10. tandy

    tandy New Member

    or maybe being tied to a car bumper and dragged a few blocks.???
    then proceed to do the dishes, tidy up,work a job,tend to children,grocery shop,etc, etc.
    oh,...and want sex too. :) LOL
    sorry I had to add that one.

    Every muscle in my body is screaming.

    others have described it well too.
    It does feel like being bruised over 90% of body( just no black & blue discoloration)

    hope this helps
  11. kriket

    kriket New Member

    simply unbearable. It feels like your muscles are going to pop off the bones because they are so tight. Other times it is a deep sore all over achy feeling. Sometimes it feels as I need to be in a nursing home and cared for as I do not feel like preparing my meals, getting dressed or anything, jusy laying in bed and sobbing. Sometimes it makes me wish I would just go ahead and die on the very worst days to get me out of my misery. I am 31 yrs. old

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  12. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    For me, it is a deep throbbing aching pain which drains every ounce of energy from me. I do not have it in my joints but I can feel it in the muscles around my joints.

    It is like having the worse case of flu and running a temp of 103 degrees, but when I take my temp., it is normal.

    The pain is overall but especially my upper legs. If I start getting the pain in my lower legs and forearms, I know it is going to be a bad pain day. I call it BPD!!

    Taking Tramadol and a mild medication for inflammation my pain is bearable, about a 4 or 5.

    However, with this last flare, the pain was up to an eight.

    The good news is that it turned out that my four month flare was not helped or may have been caused by being on only half of the Zoloft that I am usually on. I am now on my usual dose and am finally starting to feel better. The flare started about four weeks after I was on the lower dose. That is the short version.
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  13. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Pain is different from day to day minute to minute.
    Sometimes it's achy , stabbing, electrical ,numbness and tingling and annoying.

    Yes, please hug us very gently because the slightest touch can be excruciating. Stubbing your toe feels like stubbing 50 toes at once.

    Muscle spasms are excrutiating for me! The pain is very intense!

    I also 100% agree with feeling you've been beaten up from the inside out.

    My pain is in my neck, back , shoulders, arms, hands, feet, ears, head, legs , fingers, teeth , toes, chest.

    I hurt everyday but some days might be slightly better than others but I don't know when those are going to be.
    I would like to find a cure for this dd.

    Very gentle hugs for everyone. Susan
  14. spmom

    spmom New Member

    From reading all of the replies, you can see that the pain is different for everyone. I have the shooting, stabbing, electrical like pain and less of the aching/stiffness like many others have. My body is very tender, though. Some parts just burn when barely touched. There is not one second in my life that is pain free and that is really hard for people and doctors to understand.
  15. Like someone hit you in alot of areas of your body with a sledgehammer for days and left for dead. You beg God for relief but it doesn't come.

    Or that u have exercised nonstop for a week.
  16. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Very stiff and sore, like you ran the marathon one day and spent the next three days touring Disney World

    That is how I feel everyday

    Like every nerve in my body is standing at attention and won't relax

    Like being hit by a Mac truck

    Like you have the flu all over

    Like you exercised for ten hours straight
  17. RatsWife

    RatsWife New Member

    Who'd think a person would ever go "YAY" when reading something about our FM pain. But I use the stubbed toe example most often.

    A stubbed toe feels like 50 of them instead of one.

    A stubbed toe feels like someone took a 10-lb sledge hammer and slammed it down HARD on the toe. You fall to the ground, too shocked to even scream, nausea roils through your stomach all the way to your bowels, you pray you'll pass out so you can stop feeling it but it hurts on and on and on. And when it finally begins to ebb away, you're drenched in sweat, your mouth is sour from the bile that rushed into it, and you feel like your best friend has died or something. Why? Because you remember when stubbing your toe was just a stubbed toe and not like an amputation without anesthestic.

    And that's the pain that I have trouble with. The memories of normal pain.

    I want to add to this though.

    It's not just pain sensations that are out of whack for me. ALL sensations are too much. Even pleasure...

    It's frightening.

    Peace and Gentle REALLY REALLY Hugs,
  18. star273

    star273 New Member

    You are so right. I am always trying to watch what I do because the smallest thing can mean the biggest pain. I remember when stubbing your toe, would just hurt a little bit, now its like you said.... terrible pain! That lasts forever. I am always scared to stub my toe or slam my finger or anything. Thanks for making me realize I am not crazy!
  19. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    It feels like you are stiff and sore, like after trying some new sport you've never tried before. Then you have to add burning and feeling like you were beaten with a baseball bat, rolled down a flight of stairs. My hands feel like they are sausages that are going to split open, because they feel stiff and swollen, but yet look normal. It is hard to write sometimes and can hardly recognize my own writing. It hurts so bad you can't sleep, even after taking meds, and tears will just start running down your face. It is a pain that makes you feel helpless, because you can't do anything to stop it, or make it ease up. That is how mines feels. I'm having a flare right now, so real easy to try and describe!
  20. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    All the other descriptions were good too.

    But getting hit by a MAC truck is one of my favorite expressions. Like when you are in a terrible car accident and sore for days.

    I hate waking up because taking that first deep breath is SO painful - you can't take a pain pill first. Then you have to roll over in order to reach your meds. That is just excrutiating (sp?) to me.

    Oh, yeah, the pain memory. Makes me SO careful. The slightest injury which should be gone within two hours takes a week to recover from.

    Problem is my balance is failing so I fall more.


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