What does HERX mean

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  1. kellbear

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    I know this is a stupid question, but hey, I am still kinda new. I have seen this a few times. I also read Mikie say ABX a few times, what is that? Thanks for your help
  2. jeanderek

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    a few days ago I had the same question about some supplements and here is what pat posted for me, hope this helps you too

    It is a lot to take in and gets very confusing so i`ll try and keep this short as possible.

    It has been found that Fibro sufferers have a Magnesium deficiency. This is needed to help maintain and build new cells.

    I also take Magnesium with Calcium & Zinc at night with milk to help me sleep better. - It seems to be working.

    The garlic will help to kill off any Viral/Bacteria and Yeast growth. And is safe to take with any food & meds.

    Within days, the dead stuff will turn toxic (similar to poison) and your immune system then has to get rid of it.
    The Toxins will more than likely make you feel like you have flu and possibly have nasty headaches (Herx)

    So go easy at first on the minimum dose for a several days and see how you feel. If not too bad only then gradually increase.

    If you go mad and start full whack, you could be subjecting yourself to too much toxic poison and be incredibly unwell for a while.

    If you ever feel unbearably unwell just stop for a week then continue as you think fit.

    Be sure to drink as much water as possible, as this will help your body to get shot of the Toxin. You`ll find it helps clear the head and give energy too. I never believed this myself but it does work - you`ll be amazed.

    Wishing you all the best that this works for you,

    Love Pat.

    (I hope that it was ok to copy your post pat, I couldn't explain it myself lol thanks again for helping me out)

  3. PatPalmer

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    I was just about to do the same thing, you beat me to it.

    Hope this explains it well enough for you Kellbear. I haven`t a clue what ABX is, sorry.

  4. Mikie

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    No question is stupid. I, like a lot of us here, get into the habit of using accronyms or abbreviations. It can be confusing for newer people.

    ABX is just a short way of typing antibiotics.

    BTW, the Herx stands for Herxheimer which is probably the name of the person who discovered the effect. Many in natural healing call it a Healing Crisis instead of a Herx. Herx is used more in traditional medicine.

    Love, Mikie