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    I finally purchased some Olive Leaf Extract and when I got it home I noticed the bottle said "Standardized". What exactly does that mean?

    I bought GNC brand capsules. It says:

    Olive Leaf Powdered Extract - 200 mg
    10% Oleuropein = 20 mg

    Are these okay to use? I'll wait for a reply before opening them.

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    I am, presently, on OLE through ProHealth..which, I think is probably of high quality..but I am going to look into the Seagate brand, as it is the one recommended by the author of the book: Nature's Antibiotic Olive Leaf Extract.
    He says that it is of higher quality than most and I think it is because they use a better process to extract the benefits of the whole olive leaf, which is more pure and much less polluting to the body...The book, also, will help you understand all the possible benefits from the use of this herb..

    I am glad that Nink was here to explain "standardization" as I feared it may be just a "buzz word", too..Like, organic, can mean many different things, but it sounds good...I think that reading more about what you take,tends to help one pick the better supplement...

    Hope this helps a little,

  3. donna13210

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    Your responses helped alot, thanks so much.

    I'm going to start with 2 caps/day and slowly increase to 500mg 2xday. It's worth a try, right?

    Take care
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    Makes perfect sense. Thanks so much for all the info!


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    This is very helpful information.

    Love, Mikie