What does this letter from unemployment mean?What now.

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    I've received 2 checks so far and already feel like they're not goin to let me keep on. Got this letter today. What does it mean? They already know I'm supposed to look for work within my restrictions. Here's what it says.

    Scheduled to attend an orientation/evaluation session mon. 8-21 at 10.00,which is a nightmare for me being ready that early. Should last about an hour and may require your additional attendance at other reemployment service activities designed to assist in your return to work.Please bring all relevant information regarding any ongoing or recently completed reemployment services IE:training,job search workshops that you may have received. This session has been scheduled to advise you of services available in assisiting your return to work. You will be provided info concerning the employment service online job inquiry,availability of job placement interviewers,job search workshops and potential training to upgrade your skills through the workforce investment act. There will be a number of things discussed we feel you will find beneficial. As you have been previously advised,your participation is mandatory,don't remember that,and failure to attend may result in denial of benefits until you do. If you cannot attend due to major extenuating circumstances,previous participation ,or you have returned to work please notify this office immediately.

    Once again what is this and do they send this to everyone?

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    Everyone get those. You have to search for jobs (fulltime) and also report your job search activities bi weekly. They work together with the State Employment Services, you will probably go to job search classes and the like. You should only apply for UI if you knopw you can work fulltime.
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    I agree with Levasyn, keke.

    Have you applied for disability also?

    I'm afraid you can't have both; unemployment and applying for disability.

    One says you are able to have regular, dependable work...the other says you are too sick to work.

    If you have applied, unemployment office may know that, somehow. Many state and federal agencies coordinate their info now.

    I would advise you to make that appointment, and trying hard as you can to fulfill their requirements. If you can't, because of physical or mental impairments, that will show itself, and you can get them to help you document what is going on. They may even pay for it all and you will have support for applying for disability if it comes to that.

    You don't have to show up all dressed up and looking like 100%. If you have "limitations" documented, make sure you bring them to their attention. If getting up early is one of them, let them know.

    If pain from being in one position is part of your limitations, you will be showing it as they have their workshops, etc. Let them know.

    I hope this helps,

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    You might not want to reveal too much about health problems. You will have to repay what you recieved so far. It's a tough process you don't want to deal with. If you feel you are not employable- stop the UI so you won't get any problems if SSDI is on the agenda.
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    Everyone getting benefits gets one. They want to help you find a job.
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    It has been years since I had unemployment benefits. There wasn't a letter like that sent to me.

    It sounds like a meeting to let you know of all the options you have to get help looking for work. Like if you have a disability you can get help through Voc. Rehab.

    You may have been been put on the schedule picking the day and time. If it is mentioned in the letter that if that is a bad time, to let them know right away to be rescheduled. I find that in those situations there are many people scheduled so it may be quite awhile to get another appt. So I just somehow make it to the appt.

    It is true that you have to be actively looking for work. I lost my benefits after I quit a job that I had an interview for and took. Not taking it would cut them off. I quit because it was causing me alot of pain.

    Hope it works out for you. I didn't let them know of my limitations. I applied for office work, but when things were slow, and I had to put down where I applied and interviews I end up going to a motel for a maid job. Hoping that I wouldn't get called. But I did. That put me in a bind.