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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by topsy40, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. topsy40

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    I haven't been on this website for some years. I use to just post on the fibro/cfs/me boards. Has this chat site always been here? What does porch light is on and lounge open mean?
  2. Granniluvsu

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    I don't know exactly how long the chat message boards have been here but they have been here as long as I have and longer I think which is quite a while, about 6-8 years is my guess.. However, the chit chat message board is different from the chat room which I never have used.

    I've been on the Porch for a long time and the Lounge just recently. Both are a lot of fun I think. You can just chat about whatever you want to , including the whole chit chat board. You can exchange recipes, talk about family or what is going on or not in your life. If you have a specific question you might go and post right on chit chat, esp if it isn't all medical, so to speak. I think both the Porch and the Lounge are broken up into about 30 posts so it is easier to keep things straight.

    The Porch turnsVolumes turn off and on with the Porchlight (which is just mystical) and the Lounge seems to do about the same thing with someone else usually starating the new thread at around 30 posts, Hope I haven't confused you to much. Usually alot of the same people post on one or both of the threads.

    Don't be afraid just pop right in and introduce yourself and start chatting. You will know after awhile if this is for you or not. The people are friendly and fun so I don't think there should be any problems. If you want answers to medical problems, etc. go on the FM or CFS/ME or other Health boards.

    Good luck to you and hope to see you back on here soon.

    Warm hugz,

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    My memory is not working well but I really think I do. You can visit both the Porch and the Lounge. These are just funny virtual places where we visit as though we could actually sit on the front porch and chat or have a cocktail at the Lounge. Of course, "Lounge" also has another meaning; most of us aren't capable of much more than lounging around.

    I call our members my Online Family. We really are a family; we share each other's joys and each other's burdens and we know we are not alone. How would I ever have gotten through the last 13 years without my Online Family?

    Welcome to wherever you go.

    Love, Mikie