What does TMJD feel like?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meggs121, Sep 29, 2006.

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    I have CFS and FM and it has been suggested that i have This TMJD too. Could someone please explain to me what the pain feels like when you have this.

    I have pain in my jaw the joint and reaching down around my teeth and sometimes if its real bad reaching up towards my ear and head. The pain is worst aroound where my back teeth are and the right side is much worse then the left? Some times the pain is just a little sometimes very bad sometimes lasting a short time and sometimes a long time. Does this sound like it? or is this just FM or bad teeth?


  2. See a dentist if you think you have tmj. It can get out of hand and be extremely painful. It makes your back teeth hurt, the area in front of the ears hurt (the jaw joint) and you can get horrible headaches. Been there , done that. I had to get a mouthpiece made from a specialist in tmj and it was expensive, but I have heard now you can buy something over the counter. good luck.
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    Hi, Meg...

    I had severe TMJ pain, exactly as you described! Back in 1990 they didn't know as much about FM then, but now I believe there are some myofascial points that can be massaged for it.

    Post to carla-nl about it, she is a miracle worker with FM massage.

    I had TMJ surgery on both sides after a VERY painful procedure were dye was put in my jaw joints to take pics of them; they had to clean debris out of them. Woke up with a bandage wound 10 times all the way around my head like I'd had brain surgery!

    That was to keep the jaw immobile for 24 hours; when they took them off, I had just ONE stitch on each side of face, which healed fast, and is unnoticable now.

    I had a severe jaw overbite which couldn't be corrected, so that was my only option. Hope yours can be helped my myofascial massage, LOL...

    Best to you,
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    just type tmj into the search box at the top of the page and you will get lots of good info that way. Hope that helps. I have it to and it helped me....Good luck...Mick!!
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    Gee, your symptoms sound just like mine! See a dentist - you might do well with a night guard. I'm on my third - I don't think it fits right, but am going to give it a try because I also suffer from severe chronic migraines. I also get spasms in my ear - right worse than left. I was in Urgent Care not too long ago and the first question I was asked was "have you ever had TMJ?" It can be very painful. The Dr. in the Urgent Care told me to take Motrin. I do find that it helps with the ear spasms.

    I don't think it has anything to do with FM or bad teeth. Try to take notice during the day if you are grinding or clenching. If you are doing it during the day, you are most likely doing it at night when asleep.

    Good luck!


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