what dosage Ativan helps you?

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  1. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Please let me know which dose of ativan
    is helping you?
  2. darlamk

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    I take 5mg ambien at bedtime along with a Flexaril 10 mg. Ativan is used for conscious sedation before medical procedures but I don't know of many who take it as prn at home. I hope this helps :)
  3. JP

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    I use 1-2 mgs when I feel a panic attack coming on. If I have a lot of trouble with anxiety, I will take 1mg of Ativan to help smooth it out.

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  4. 2girls

    2girls New Member

    I take 1mg Ativan for sleep every other night. Needless to say I get virtually NO sleep on the nights I don't take it, and I had to almost beg for a 3 month r/x.

    I am getting anxious, as I have been taking one every night for the last 2 weeks. It makes no sense to me that a doc would be reluctant to r/x sleep meds to pain patients and insomniacs.

    Anyway, Ativan is the only r/x I have and is quite effective for me.

  5. RedB

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    .5 mgs. My script is for 3 x daily, but I usually only take it 2 x daily. One is at night with Flexeril for sleep. It works wonderfully for sleep, and is great for anxiety.

    I'm assuming this question is about your mom. I really think Ativan might help her if her problem is truly anxiety related (she's had her heart checked out, right?).

    Ativan is the one med I hope is never taken away from me. It has made my life totally different as far as my personality is concerned, and I am a much better person because of it. I have had nervous tics all my life, and you can't believe what this does to the "internal" you. Although these don't relieve the tics fully, they have helped me relax so that I am a much better person. I stress less, I remember things better, because it helps me relax, and I'm not the screamer that I used to be because of not coping well. I was like this all my life until one of my docs introduced me to Ativan. Luckily, my Rheumy let me continue taking them, and even upped the dosage. I have taken this same dosage for almost 7 years now.

    My mother a couple years ago had an anxiety attack while waiting at the hospital for my dad, who underwent severe heart surgery. She ended up in the emergency room with chest pain, and they gave her .5 mgs. Ativan to take at night. She slept like a log, and I think she really kind of hated it when the few pills ended. She is such an anxious person, and I think for the first time in HER life, she felt more relaxed from the pills. Mind you, this is a mom who is afraid to stay in her house by herself at night, because she and dad have been together for almost 60 years, and they are never apart. I thanked God for the doc who prescribed the ativan, even if it was short-lived.


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  6. suexi

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    I take 1 mg. ativan at night for sleep, even though i still don't sleep that much but reluctant to going any higher on the dose. Also use it if I am really jittery or anxious. Works great for anxiety. I try to take kava instead at times. It just doesn't cut it. Trying to find something natural since I keep hearing that you don't get into your stage 4 sleep with ativan. Does anyone know of any natural sleeping aid that helps besides melatonin or the sweet smelling valerian. lol