What Dr's dont know

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    My mother died two years ago from Pancreatic cancer.
    Dr's told her it was irritable bowel syndrome.
    Probably wouldn't have mattered if they diagnosed her correctly since Pancreatic cancer is almost nearly fatal.

    My point is...Just because a Dr doesn't have an answer, doesn't mean there isn't anything wrong.

    If any of you feel like Fibromyalgia has been a blanket diagnosis for symptoms the dr's cant expain, keep pushing, keep going to other drs, don't give up.

    I believe a lot of us ( maybe most of us) truely have fibromyalgia, (myself included) but I also feel that there are probably others who have something else entirely going on, and the Dr's are too egotistical to admit they don't have the answer, or too lazy to look.

    There is a web site called "wrong diagnosis" that may be helpful to someone on here.

    Also, my mothers symptoms only included weight loss, depression, fatigue, and periodic severe abdominal pain. Pretty vague symptoms. I don't blame her dr. for not diagnosng her correctly. I had a hunch there was something more going on, but I couldn't figure out what it was either.

    Believe in yourself and listen to yourself and don't give up.
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    No one should use the web to self diagnose. Fibro is a diagnosis made after eliminating any other cause of symptoms.

    Sometimes you need to follow your instincts and if a doctor is not helping, move on.
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    I have a good GP doctor that I go to and I feel he does a good job. But at the same time I have a pretty good intuition about how I feel and what direction I should go.

    My intuition has been right more than wrong through the years , although sometimes I've been to stubborn to listen.

    Gentle hugs, Susan