what else am i to do

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    everyday i do absolutly nothing. recently i lost my job my girlfriend and everything else that mattered in my life now all i do is stare at blades and guns as if i had a sexual urge to use them. I been living with my buddy for the past week and a half and my parenst are worried which they should be...all i do is smoke weed now, and sell weed now and i feel as if....if i dont get some help or someone to talk to it will be all over...i will grow a pair of balls and finally pull the trigger someone tell me what to do. Greatly appreciated

    Hot Shot
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    Welcome to the board. You may want to visit the depression board, also on this
    site. See upper right hand corner to select another board. You can also
    find the board rules in the same vicinity. The depression board has phone numbers
    for people who are desperate.

    Jaminhealth has a good suggestion w/ 12 step programs: Alcoholics Anonymous and
    Narcotics Anonymous. I went to Emotions Anonymous for 25 years. These programs
    have no professionals running them. Just folks who find them helpful. No fees; just
    a free will offering to cover expenses.

    You might also contact health/mental health depts for city, county and/or state. See
    if there is any counseling available. Good luck.

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    You are a person who needs SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL HELP RIGHT NOW--not tomorrow or next week--right this minute. RIGHT NOW call the U.S. suicide prevention number 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and READ THEM what you have posted above. They are the absolute best people to help you deal with this right now. Please call that number because we all care.
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    Please come back and let us know how you are doing.

    Did you call the suicide hotline??

    You are depressed right now and feeling helpless and hopeless.

    There really is a future for you!

    It probably seems as if things will never get better, but they WILL!

    Please, please, please call the suicide hotline that TwoCat Doctors posted or call your local Mental Health Facility and ask for help.

    You need to address the suicidal feeling immediately and then the drugs, etc.

    Your family would be so devastated and never recover if you did something like that.

    There are plenty of people who care about you and God loves you.

    Please get help NOW from a Mental Health professional. Call the suicide hotline, please.

    Talk frankly to your parents and tell them how you are feeling....they LOVE you and WANT to help you....that is why they are worried.

    I have a son who lost his girlfriend a few years ago and he was depressed then. He thought things would never get better.

    Little did he know that things happen for a reason.....he later met a much better match for him and is now engaged. He is in Iraq right now with the Army and they will make wedding plans when he returns.

    BELIEVE ME when I say that you can recover from all of these problems and you can go on to make a wonderful life for yourself.

    You can find a purpose for your life! You will find another job and eventually you will meet another girl.

    Drugs will cloud your judgement and only lead you to trouble. They are used as an attempt to dull the pain.

    I believe that you want your life straightened out and you want a bright future.

    Call the suicide hotline and talk to your parents today....then come back and tell us how you are doing. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    We care about you and GOD loves you.