What else can cause Bull's eye rash?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by KO-LD, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Hi, I had my 13 yr old son in for his school phy. I told his new doc about a bull's eye rash he had when he was a little over 1 yr old. We took him to an ER at that time and they said "it's not LD". His new doc said other things can cause a bull's eye rash. He also said LD can sometimes clear on it's own, and that the ELISA is actually more sensitive than the WB. My question is is any of this true? Some of it?
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    I was told by my doctor that a bulls eye rash confirms lyme diseaase. I never heard of a bulls eye rash from anything else. It may be true that someone's immune system can clear lyme, but I don't know for certain. As for the ELISA being more sensitve, that's just not true.

    It's pretty clear that most doctors don't know squat about lyme disease. I would only believe a LLMD about any lyme facts for this reason.

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    As Dar and Molly have pointed out, the 'regular' docs do NOT know enough sadly... I hope you find yourself a good LLMD if he is having problems now.

    The really scary thing is that it can be inactive for a number of years before symptoms show. In my son it didn't happen until about age 13, and started with overwhelming anxiety & depression, not something generally associated with Lyme but certainly with adolescence. But it was caused by Lyme...

    Lyme sure had us fooled until he lost 10 pounds, had chronic fatigue and pain that could've been dx'd as FM, pulse was 48, abnormally low BP - yet all the 'normally run' blood tests were 'normal'. His internist here agreed there was 'something' wrong with him at least, but didn't know what, and didn't know where to even send him.

    This was when Lyme was becoming increasing apparent as having an overlap with CF/FM... so I found the nearest best LLMD (luckily only 200 miles away, many travel further)... and there was no doubt about it.

    His WB came up positive 2X in 6 months... and he started immediately herxing anyway to the abx, a sure sign regardless of test results anyway.

    We don't know when he caught it, tho he never did have a bulls eye or any other type rash, but grew up here on 40 acres of pasture/woods...

    good luck,

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    Hi, this reminded me of what happened to my daughter. I think she was about 9 and had a bullseye rash. I took her to the Dr. and they said "it was the wrong color". It was red in the center and clear around outside. Now my Dr. says it doesn't matter what color, it's a bullseye rash. My daughter is now 28 and has had depression, anxiety, Renauds like symptoms, GI problems, headaches and more. I am going to be treated for Lyme because of a low CD-57. I hope to convince her to have some tests. She is very stubborn. I wonder if she could have gotten it from me at birth? Jess