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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cred, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. cred

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    Just wondering. Does it get a whole lot worse before or after it gets better? FM, CFS, ulcerative colonitis, glucose intolerant ( borderline diabetic), high triglycerides,BP going up, weight gain out the wazoo, bone chips in spine and feet, arthuritis, scoliosis, degenerative disks, depression, insomnia, something is wrong with right eye, no peripheral vision!
    Praise the LORD i did get a good report on my pap & mammo. So I could have a baby except>>>> (although i wouldnot, 3 is plenty!) OH except he did say my ovaries could not be found.
    I am 39 and feel 69+ UGH! what else.Please and thank you for listening. I know God gives us the strength to get thru, but I needed vet space to!
  2. PVLady

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    You do have alot going on. I hope you are going to a opthamologist to find out why the problem with peripheral vision.

    I know being overweight does not cause our problems, but I must say, in the last couple of years I lost over 50 lbs and it made a huge difference.

    It did not make my fibro go away but it helped alot. My doctor sent me to a dietician. I went to see her each week for 1 hour to just sit and talk about my diet,etc. It really helped me.

    Anyway, you might ask your doctor for a referral. Actually, everything is portion control. You can eat anything you want if you watch portions.

    Also, I think seeing a dietician is better than going to a retail diet program etc. You learn the basics and everything seems normal (whatever that is).
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  3. minimonkey

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    You really have a lot to deal with. Re: the blood sugar issue -- I really feel much, much better when I stay away from carbs almost entirely. Its a bit of a drag, but the difference it makes in how I feel is amazing. (I'm reactive hypoglycemia/insulin resistant.) You'll also help reverse some of the weight gain if you do this diligently...and your triglycerides will go down -- I am certain of this!
  4. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I love to collect, but never wanted to "collect" all these diagnosis!

    I can identify with feeling old. I'm 44 and feel 84 sometimes.

    Please get your eye checked out asap.

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