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    Hi All,
    Hope everyone is feeling well tonight.I was just wondering if anyone out there had the same problems as I do and how you are dealing with it.I was diag with osteoarthritis followed by Fms and now just last week I went to the gyn because I have been having problems and she told me that my hormone levels are off the chart and I was starting premature menopause.Im 25! Has anyone heard of this so early ? I know I feel like I am alot older than I am because of my aching body now I really feel older!I am having hot flashes mood swings night sweats and irregular cycles already.I had my tubes tied (thats when fibro began) but now I have to take birth control pills to see if that helps huh.Well thanks for letting me vent. Tanita
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    I am so sorry you are going through this so young--a very unpleasant experience, especially untop of fibro and osteoarthritis. Wishing you the best and hope that with the assistance of your gyn, you can start to feel better soon.
    Best wishes, LL
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    Hey Girl!

    I have the perfect person for you to talk to! She's my step-mom and she went through premature menopause at 23! I think she would be a great person for you to talk to. So, I'll drop my addy here: wackyfrackie@hotmail.com and then send me an email about the post (tell all about what's wrong with you) and I'll forward it to my step mom with orders to respond. 'Kay?

    Friends in Fibro,

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    Thank you for all the great replys of support I am not looking forward to going through all this sometimes I swear I have one foot in the grave.I went into the gyn told her my symptoms and never! expected to hear menopause.Hey crazyvicki where are you located in ohio I currently live in Loudonville but am moving to Mansfield in 2 months.Does anyone out there have a heck of a time with your legs going numb while you are sitting at the computer?Well thanks again Tanita
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    Hi, I'm 53 and going through regular menopause. All you young women going through it early have my sincerest sympathies. Not just because it ain't much fun if you have unpleasant symptoms etc, but because of the fertility implications for young women who may want a family.

    Talking about numb legs at the computer!! Mine don't go numb but when I stand up they are stiff and painful, so I have to get up fairly often and walk around for a while. It's frustrating when I'm in the middle of something I really want to get on with and I have to keep breaking off.
    I use one of those seats that you kneel against to keep my back straight - I'm not sure if a regular chair would be any better for my legs but as I know it'd be worse for my back (which hurts more than my legs) I'm sticking to it for now!!