What ever it is I have it bad.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 30, 2005.

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    About friday I started to feel icky. My throat hurt and I just ached all over { is it the flu or the fibro?} and I was running a fever too. And I still have a headace the won't leave and go away. No matter what I take for it.

    So went to the doctor with my mom, and I asked him to check my pulse ox and he did and it was LOW 88 anything below 90 is not good. And he checked it twice. And I was coughing this dry hacking cough and could not get my breath back to take a deep breath. I asked her {MOM's }Doctor what I should do aobut this low blood 02. He said see your own doctor.

    So I called my doctor but it was his day off so I saw his partner who I have seen before and I like him to as he is very honest about things with me, He asked me if I had asthma and I said that I do but I don't use the inhaler as I don't like how it makes my heart race. and then he said to use it as my lungs were crackin a bit and they sounded like they were well not right a bit wet and then I told him about my low body temp of 95.6 and mine was 99.6/ I was then told that if it got about 100 degress that I was to call him or go to the ER. I didn't have any rides to the hospital as my MOM was still not well and my daughter has no car with her and my hubby is getting this too.

    IT has gonly getting worse in the past few days and I have ben feelong so week and exhusted and have no energy at atll and I have such a struggle jist to walk up the stairs and walk around my house. and thenearly this morning I nothiced that when I was coughing I was coughing up mucus in bug hungs and it was a lime greanney / gray and it was makeing my throat huurt too. I have not bee so sick as I have been this week end and I feel so rotten now too. I still hjave a fever, it would not beone to a nromal one to everyone else but me who has the low body tme pf 95.6 anda them have it shoot to 101 and 103.And it would stay thta was for hours and the pain was so bad that I want so close to tears too. I feel so bad just like i hvae done all week end and my back is hurtingnow too. And I still am coughing up the icky stuff that is mucus that it colored too.

    I justa want to be normal for me. But he did assk about my body temp i asked the doctor about my fevers and he had tld me . He told me that if the temp got aboooiive 100 I was to call him and tell him how hihg it was at and it was still there.

    O have been worried about this febver alt as I don't run fevers very often and not for very long iether and it is worring me. I don't want this to last forvever. I don't feelso good and i just don't feel good at all and I wanted all thiiis go go away.

    I don't like having this feeling sick all day long and not very good at all. I have not had a fever in years too so I really get stress's mmme. I don't like being sick and not knowing what it is that I have. And then how do you go about being sick and then what is it that you are having l , don't really understand swhat is going on with my body and i going to get better and how long will it take me to get. I don't want to be sick any longer than I have to be, I have not had a fever in yearz, I don't usaually have a fever and thenm to have it lst dsolong. I just want to feel like I am among the liiving and not the half dead like I am feeling right now.

    I have not felt good for almost a week and thta worries me too, I just want to be better and get feeling like things are all right.

    I am worried about this clod and the coughing as it it wrorries me, But I gues I will just have to deal with it and make the best of it . I just hate this feeling like . I am strugglieng with how to discribe what if the fibro and what is the flu? I ahce all over and hurt all voer and the have a bad fever to top it all off .But this to I shall have to live with. I can't only hope that I will start to feel better soona nd I really wish that I know what it. I am so tired and stressed out by this illnessss to dayh adn I don't feel great yet and I am worrieed aobut thisl I just want to be the normla perosn that I usually am. I am so tired al the time with this . I am going to go to bed now and worry about how i feel , I don't like feeling so sick and not know what it is , I just wnat to know what I have so that I can fixx ur IT AND MADE IT HEAL SOON I am tird of having a sore throat too I just need to rest I just and feel better.
    Sorry for all the rambling on and on I am just miseralbe
    Take care all ,Rosemarie

  2. Musica

    Musica New Member

    Are there after-hours clinics near you that are open on the weekend, at least Saturday morning? With your asthma and rales (rattling), PLUS a high temp and coughing up mucus (sign of an infection), you need to be call your doctor's office or be seen somewhere. Does your doctor's office have an after hours number you can call?

    Rosemarie, you sound just miserable, but a bad flu with a cough and asthma can get real serious. Take care of yourself, okay? I hope your headache gets better soon.

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