what exercise is best for fibromyalgia?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ameilie73, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. ameilie73

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    Ive been out of touch with an exercise routine for a bit, im struggling to get motivated or even find the energy, i know its got to be something im likely to do regularly and not see as a chore. I had some friends round the other night and that dance gangnam style came on, my friends got up and gave it a go, being competative by nature so did i, needless to say i havent heard popping like that since i last had rice crispies. Im also not as co-ordinated as i thought, anyway i dont think I even made a minute before i was sucking on my inhaler. Hips and knee not so good i have RA to, but boy did we laugh. The world would be so much more lighter if you had to either skip or gangnam style instead of walk, i mean that guy gets up some speed, he makes it look easy, dont think i could do it but just watching others would cheer me up no end.

    Anyway, i did love dancing at one point, but you cannot go from not doing much to dancing, i know i tried the other night. I mean i dont know if i can, i use to do pilates routine, but how much does that help your heart health. I just wondered what other people do especially when i wake up feeling ready for bed. My minds full of ideas and good intentions but my bodies having none of it.

    Many thanks

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    and don't try to be in a marathon walk either. Slow does it, so you build up your strength and don't freak out all your muscles.

    After you've walked about a week for about 20 min. try increasing the length, then after that you can increase your speed. Walking should give you a good all over workout.

    And do you hear that? It's me clapping for your determination to get your body moving! My PT instructor said his aunt has FM, and walks, walks, walks. He said years ago they used to help people with FM but they've found that people just have to keep moving so their muscles don't freeze up.

    I've been getting PT for my neck. (neck traction) They slowly started me on a couple weight lifting machines plus something like a bicycle only I was working my legs and my shoulders. Last week they added a few more. Side leg lifts with weights and more weight lifting machines. I was sure my body was going to be screaming by nighttime but I only do l0 then rest then l0 more so it wasn't bad. The thing is to EASE into whatever you decide to do.

  3. ameilie73

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    Gosh, i applaud you for your motivation. Lifting weights wow. Yes your right i always want to run before i can walk with everything. Maybe its because before i got sick i was a sprint runner, 100 /200 metres, gosh dont know how i did it. Im so unfit, ive noticed what with me being out of breath so quickly, and ive noticed muscle wastage which i know can cause more pain. I mean im quite slim i cant afford to lose weight, especially muscle.

    Many thanks


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