What food should I buy for my new juicer?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TwinMa, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I'm pretty sure my DH got me the juicer I asked for for Christmas. Woo Hoo! At least I see a big box under the tree that looks like the right size.

    So what should I get at the grocery store today so I can try it out tomorrow? What's a good first recipe to try? We're having people over tomorrow and I'd like to make them some "juice" too. What's a good thing to serve guests?

    BTW, if anyone could add to the ProHealth post at the top called "Juicing For Health", it would be great. I plan to add to it after I get my juicer (HOPEFULLY get my juicer, LOL).

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Daisys

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    I like to always have plenty of celery, then add a carrot, cucumber, an apple, and lots of leafy green stuff. They say a little beet is very healthy, but keep it tiny for people who want a pleasant taste, because it gets overpowering very quickly.

    I now avoid nightshade plants (tomatoes, bell pepper) because I get very achy if I use too much of them. They add a lot of nice flavor if you are ok with them.

    If you put a lot of lettuce, italian parsley, and greens (chard, kale) thru, you won't get much juice, but it's so rich you just know it's powerful. The celery has an anti-inflamatory effect.

    I just crave this now. I know it makes a difference.
  3. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Right now I'm in a healing madness mode. So I'm drinking spinach, beet, carrot and garlic juice with some lemon to get it down. It is absolutely abominable. But it will heal you faster than anything. Always put lemon or a little purple grape juice in with veggie juices to help the taste.

    For guests, however, I'm assuming you like them and want them to stay awhile rather than bolt from the house screaming, vowing to never taste any of your concoctions again.

    Carrots are sweet and go really well with apple. You can make fresh pina coladas with fresh coconut water and pineapple juice. Very good but opening the cocos can be difficult. Pineapple, strawberry and grapes tend to have the tastiest juices.

    Problem is, pineapples and strawberries can be costly to juice because you need a bunch so grapes do really well, they're cheap.

    Apple will tone down a juice with a strong taste. Also, you may need to add a little water to juices if they're too sweet and concentrated.

    Also, lemon will add a little zest to any juice. You'll just have to experiment. You can also juice fruit that is underripe and add a bit of ripe apple or ripe grape juice to sweeten it up a bit.

    Carrot and apple, incidentally, was what Michael Landon was drinking alot of to try and get on top of his cancer.

    Merry Christmas!


    I almost forgot, what I used to drink everyday before I got ill and couldn't tolerate citrus anymore was fresh orange or tangerine with lemon juice. It's absolutely delicious! I didn't need to whip out the juicer for that, just that regular juicer thing, where you squeeze it and twist it. That thing went in th dishwasher and was no hassle at all.
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  4. TwinMa

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    You both had great suggestions.

    My DH just came back from the grocery store and the cupboard was pretty bare! The grocery stores around here (Denver, Colo) are pretty sparse due to the blizzard we had last week. They don't think they'll be restocked until Wed! No beets, no scallions, no lemon....

    So it looks like I'll be making a carrot, celery and apple combo. That seems like it may be a good start.

    daisys - Thanks for adding to the ProHealth thread on juicing. You had good comments. I think that is a very informative thread, and it just keeps getting better as people add on.

    karen - Too funny! Yes, I actually DO like my SIL and BIL! But maybe if they stay too late, I'll brew up a nasty concoction to GET them to run screaming from the house! LOL! In the meantime, the brownies I'm making should keep them pretty happy.

    How's this for Xmas dinner at our house: Avocados stuffed with shrimp, Take 'n Bake pizza and brownies! That's our dinner, and I'm stickin' to it! Oh, and whatever I juice, too!
  5. swedeboy

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    I Would look at the new thread for juicing. It's at the top of the message board page. Next to "what worked for me" and "name change"
  6. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    xchocoholic - It better not be a vacuum cleaner! If it is, his guitar amplifier is suddenly going to become a garbage disposal! LOL!

    Broccoli stalks? Really? I like cooked broccoli, but the juice sounds gross! Sorry! But I'll give it a try. I'm game for anything. That is, after we actually get some produce in our grocery stores!

    swedeboy - Thanks. I have been reading the ProHealth "Juicing for Health" thread. It has some good stuff in there. I plan on posting my results there after I have little juicing experience under my belt.

    I'm hoping everyone who reads this thread will also post under the ProHealth thread. It's good to have all that good information in one thread.

    My main reason for this post is to get some good "starter" recipes. Something I can put together for tomorrow. Since I'm a juicing virgin, they need to be gentle. :)

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