What GIFT(s) have you gained from your disability?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by contessa, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. contessa

    contessa New Member

    I can lie in my hammock in the shade of the oak tree, caressed by a breeze and watch nature play out the seasons.

    I no longer have to 'bust my butt' to climb to the top of my career only to find a management change has elimated my position.

    I can wear whatever I want today.

    I have time to be creative.

    I have time to procrastinate.
  2. contessa

    contessa New Member

    I can lie in my hammock in the shade of the oak tree, caressed by a breeze and watch nature play out the seasons.

    I no longer have to 'bust my butt' to climb to the top of my career only to find a management change has elimated my position.

    I can wear whatever I want today.

    I have time to be creative.

    I have time to procrastinate.
  3. *Isla*

    *Isla* New Member

    When I'm tired, I can rest without feeling guilty.

    I can ask for help when I need it.

    I can find beauty and happines in the little things.

    I know myself better than I ever did before. And more importantly, I'm content and comfortable with what I know.

    This is an awesome topic. Thanx!
    God bless and keep smilin'!!

  4. Coping

    Coping New Member

    I am taking life a little slower to enjoy the "little things"

    I do not miss the constant stress of the "corporate BS"

    I take time for myself. (which I never had time to to) and I saw on Oprah that this is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

    I can take as much time as I want to get organized or clean my house. (UGH)

    My blood pressure has decreased.

    Sometimes I enjoy my brain fog....LOL.

    There are so many things!
  5. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm more patient with myself.

    I've learned how to sit and just "Be".

  6. allhart

    allhart New Member

    to see the beauty in the smallest things and not to judge anyone with out knowing them,
  7. TeresaBnGA

    TeresaBnGA New Member

    I have gained the gift of all you wonderful people!

    Soft hugs!
    Teresa :)
  8. LuvMeCritters

    LuvMeCritters New Member

    TIME...time is my gift. And I am so thankful.

    I have time to enjoy the beautiful things in life. A few days ago I watched two bluebirds sitting on my fence. And a few days before that I watched a hummingbird on my hibiscus plant, right outside my door. He was so close, and beautiful!

    Walking around my yard (9 acres), I discovered a starving stray cat. He was so scared and obviously had been chased by people. After a few days of coaxing, he came to me. He's so sweet and we have become fast friends. I call him Simba because he has the face of a lion, to me anyway. lol

    I have seen a female turkey walking around my back pasture. Hawks landing on my fence posts. And at night I watch the foxes, possums, and coons, come up and eat the leftover catfood I leave out for Simba.

    Now I have the time to stop and enjoy all of the beauty I missed before. It's awesome. Before I was always in such a hurry...hurry to work, hurry to the store, hurry to make dinner, hurry to clean up, washing, etc. Now I have all the time I need to take things slow and easy. My anxiety level is waaaaaay down.

    Sory to ramble. I'm just truly enjoying things that I never noticed before. Granted I am enjoying them with pain and fatigue, but I am so thankful to have found such beauty around me. The sad thing is that is was here all along. The reason we moved here. I just never had the time to really see it before.

    Thanks :)

  9. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    I have a friend who is bedridden from another chronic illness. She calls these distorted benefits. They are things you wouldn't have if you weren't ill.

    Mine include being able to sleep as late as I want on most days, having time to watch the children play outside, no more dealing with rush hour traffic, even thouogh my commute was only two miles. I also get to take naps whenever I want and now I have a new van to accomodate my scooter which should be here any day now! I also get to take trips whenever I want instead of waiting for school holidays.

  10. glendamarie22

    glendamarie22 New Member

    I'm only 22, and I used to be surrounded by friends and loud music constantly. The past couple of years I have had to slow down and stop almost everything. The good things that have come out of this are:

    I am closer to my mother. I have learned so many new things about her. She isn't just my mother now, she's my friend.

    I have learned italian! Time is on my side, so I can now learn to do some of the things that don't require too much energy. One more thing to cross off my list of goals:)

    I write in my journal every day and am learning more about myself. My weaknesses.......and strengths.

    I learned that I can be happy and content alone.

    I learned that, God gives the toughest trials to those who can handle them.

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  11. herblady

    herblady New Member

    i'm afraid i can't think of a single gift this crappy disease has given me. nothing but suffering. yeah, i can take a naop but the reason i take them is because of the pain. i'd rather not have to nap, there are so many other things i could be doing. i had to quit my job week before last, so there went my spending money and i feel bad for having to quit. yeah, now i have more spare time. i guess that's one thing. but i spend it bored until i can find something worthwhile to do with it. i guess i sound like a grouch but i'm grouchy right now from this damned elbow.l cindi
  12. Karrot

    Karrot New Member

    Hi, You sound like a very interesting person and very much like myself. I am in a similar situation. The difference is I haven't had this quite as long as you have. I completely commend you for hanging on like you have. I know how it can tear your life apart. And I can imagine especially during your pre-teen to teen years it was incredibly difficult to sort things out. I know it was difficult for me. I was 17 when I got CFS. You have a great attitude.

    And I must say, contessa, that this is a truly great thread. It is a topic that should be first and foremost in our minds (when it can be). There are so many things that I agree with all of y'all on...

    - enjoying the beauties of nature in every form.

    - music is such an important part of my life. It bears every emotion and can be the greatest medicine at times. I am so thankful that I have the time and resources to listen to whatever music I want whenever I want.

    - once again, I agree. You guys and everyone on this board has been such an unexpected blessing. You have provided information, support, and friendship. And that is priceless.

    - And I agree with Glenda. This DD has given me time to get to re-evaluate myself. I am learning to be a new me - hopefully a better me :)

    - A big plus for me is that I get to spend so much of my husband's free time with my husband. When he comes home he gets all the love and attention that he deserves. And I can't imagine giving him any less than that.

    Contessa, like I said - great thread.

  13. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    I understand priorities much better and am often bored with conversation about those who complain about such trivial things.

    Health should never be taken for granted, and we should treat our bodies as temples.

    Sooo many people think they are sooo "busy." I have learned what busy means to me and then to others. I discovered people (including myself) get caught up in being "busy." I don't know. I think it makes us feel important.

    The wonder of someone touching my body just to rub and make it feel better.

    I understand depression and never judge others who suffer from this or other disorders of that nature and how they work through them whether through therapy or medication.

    I hug my kids longer and longer all the time and a day does not pass without an I love you between all of us.

    Though I can control some things, God is in complete control.

    True friendship and love.

    Lynda B.
  14. sybil

    sybil New Member

    i don't see any gifts.
    all i see is my life turned upside down,being gulity of spending money,as it is highly possible i may lose my job.

    we went out for 2 hours a couple of weeks ago.a 10 minute journey in the car to a falconry centre near our home.we watched the falconry display,looked at all the lovely birds of prey on display.it took me 3 days to recover from that little excursion.i want to have a falconry lesson for my birthday,but i know i probably won't be able to hold a falcon on my wrist with my arm outstretched for any length of time.

    i always appreciated nature,that is why i choose to live in a lovely village in the countryside.you don't have to be sick to enjoy flowers or sunsets.i could wear whatever i wanted, to do my job.i worked flexi time so i could choose my working hours,have time off when i wanted to,have a lie in when i could actually sleep and not have every muscle in my body throbbing.

    i still enjoy my life,but it has been severely brought to a stand still and i just don't appreciate that at all,

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  15. little

    little Member

    i left work in 1987. Since then I've had to move in with my daughter and her three children, because I could no longer afford a place of my own and do certain things. I have found so much pleasure in being with my grandchildren every day. There are ups and downs to it,but, I have enjoyed it.The children are older now, they are 10, 15 and 18. Now I can do a little traveling.If it wasn't for this dd I wouldn't have know the grandchildren this way.YES; This dd has been pretty bad as you all know.The grandkids keep me going every day I love it. GAIL
  16. contessa

    contessa New Member

    Life is trying to give us a lesson. I read an article yesterday that talked about America's big failure in rushing to settle the great plains. Though it's been over a hundred years,the recent drought combined with population loss has proven nature is still controlling the forces out there. I'm trying to realize that Nature is also controlling my forces as well. I'm a 'ducks in a row' kinda gal and losing control has been hard for me. I've just finished a bankruptcy, have had no income in 5 months, my 12 year old car is up for repossesion, and I will probably lose the house I've spent my entire life trying to achieve. I really wish I could cry all the time but I can't. Life is too short; when we're lying on our death beds and someone asks what will we miss will we reply: I miss laughing at the antics of my (cats, dog, kids, squirrels). Will we miss the special flower that bloomed just for us. What about sunsets and sunrises? Holding hands in the middle of the night? We will all be out of our pain one day. Do we really want to be out of life before then?? THanks for listening to be ramble..I'm happy there are more back yard soloists out there. Enjoy something today. And keep fighting.
  17. herblady

    herblady New Member

    if they come up with a cure, i'll consider THAT a gift. cindi
  18. blondieangel

    blondieangel New Member

    i've lost everything. i moved to start a new life after caring for my dying mother for 8 years. these were the first years of my marriage.we also managed a 67 unit apt. complex IN A FLLOD ZONE for 6 years. i had severe crohn's disease 1 1/2 yrs. into the marriage which lasted 5 yrs. i ran an at home child care to prepare to stay home as a mother.

    when we moved i was rearended on the way to the first day of a new job,and have been sick/in excruciating pain ever since.

    i miscarried our first child 6 weeks after the accident after trying to get pregnant for 8 years.

    now i am 40, can't work, will never have children and have sold most everything i own. my famiy is cruel to me and don't hear from anyone anymore. friends, what friends?

    i am 40. i did not expect to live the 2nd half of my life this way. my childhood was traumatic - i made it though my 20's w/o help/support from anyone and had CFS for several years.

    there is no way out. this sucks. i want my life back. i want to be happy, and to be able to move my body again. i have FM, CMP and back injuty. i got 2 whole months salary from the arbitrator from the car accident after suffering 2 long years. i've been fighting for ssd for 18 months. I have severe financial problems. my husband lives in constant "nervous break down" mode.

    i see no light at the end of the tunnel
  19. MarilynK

    MarilynK New Member

    Great Topic,

    I get to spend more time with my kids and have time for them.

    It has made me a better person , i am more paitent , i have gained more understanding for others.

    It has gotten me closer to god.

    I live mutch healther, take better care of myself.

    I also know have the chance to do what i was ment to do, and allways wanted todo with my life, Helping others in any way i can.


    Again great topic Contessa!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless
  20. sybil

    sybil New Member

    that would be a real gift for everyone,