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  1. quanked

    quanked Member

    I have not seen any of her posts for quite awhile. I hope she is okay.

    Anyone know how she is doing?
  2. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    still here sometimes.....have been crashing very badly and struggling with depression and old bad coping mechanisms, as well as a brand new diagnosis (on top of the other 25 diagnoses I already had)

    it is really nice to be missed, though.....have been feeling like no one would even notice if I dropped off the face of the earth, so your post helps more than you can even imagine : )

    actually had a very tough counseling session tonight and was seriously thinking about suicide (gave all my pills to the counselor, though, so don't worry, I am not going to do it)

    anyway, like I said, it does truly help to know that my absence was noticed and even inquired about (not that i am trying to get attention or anything, but it is nice to be missed)
  3. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    Oh, poor baby...I havn't been here much, either, so hadn't realized
    you weren't here, also.

    I hope you have resolved to continue to fight and carry on the way
    you always have. I have always admired your strength and your
    compassion for others.

    I know what you mean about all the other diagnoses adding up into
    one big box of kitty litter...with poop!

    I have so many every time a dr. says, Oh, you have (such n such),
    I have to explain that if they just look at my medical records, they
    would see that could be explained by (one of my diagnoses)! It
    really wears me out, training these doctors :)

    You hang on, dear one. We love you and as you can see, we need
    you to stick around and help us out here!

    Much love,

  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    thanks for your response, and I hope that you are doing as well as possible (since you said you haven't been here much either, I hope it's not bc thigns are getting worse for you)
  5. JeannieM

    JeannieM New Member

    Okay Aunt Tammie...I just got on here for the first time tonight (middle of night...woke up with severe pain, so got up to take 2 pain meds and have a cup of tea and then surf on internet..came here by accident, but glad I found site) and saw someone asking about Aunt Tammie. It's now 4 days after your last post and I hope you are feeling better. Your comment about suicide made me sit up and really take notice. Been there, thought that and even tried it once.

    Depression is a monster. I have not learned anything about you but pray you are on effective medication for this, but if not, get on now. Lexapro saved me life. Truly. Also, one year of counseling with a wonderful therapist that actually advised me, guided me and didn't leaving me trying to figure out my own answers. I hate that in a therapist..someone that says "So, what do YOU think you should do about it?" Heck, if one knew, they'd have been able to do it without going to someone for help.

    Friends are another big help. If you have nobody to turn to...we are here. I just got here, but I am going to stick around. I will also provide you with a telephone number if you need to chat. Not here...we'll do that off of this site (the telephone number giving). Not to sound religious as I am more spiritual than truly religious, but I believe that I am up in the middle of the night for a purpose beyond my pain and perhaps it was to read your post. Who knows.

    I am going on and on (you know, one CAN talk too much in typing too, lol) but I felt alarmed when I read your words. A cry for help is a cry for help and when one mentions suicide, I sit up. I am not a suicidal person by nature, but FM, a history with Lupus that was horrible for years and a battle with cancer caused me to lose my hope for a bit. But depression, the monster that it is, caused me to try to leave this world. I took a lot of pain pills (oxycodones) at one time one night and funny thing is (not funny, but amazing) is that I woke up fine, no after-effects all all, except that I was SO glad to be alive and still here on earth. God works miracles in those he sees hurting. Once again, not a religious statement...just a fact.

    I will quit blabbing, but wanted to tell you I am here for you. Truly. I do care.

  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    Thanks for your response.....I am still hanging in here, still not doing great but it is nice to know that people care and understand.

    I cannot take meds - the meds I gave my counselor were all the many left overs I had from all that I tried over the years. With one exception (& it made me manic) every med I tried (& I tried a ton) made me feel way way worse, both physically and emotionally.

    Like I said, though, I do have a wonderful counselor and am still seeing her.....still really not wanting to be alive, but I don't currently have the means to do anythign about it anyway.

    As to the offer of your phone number, I don't really know of any way to exchange numbers on this site without posting and that is really not advisable....thank you, though. It is truly nice to know that you care.

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