What happened to our "To Do List" Mar. 1-7th?

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    That's OK.......I'll write anyway.

    I hope you girls are OK....Nancy, Anne Theresa, Ellen, Molly. I am doing fine, albeit busy. I have been subbing some this week, and it's going all right. Actually, it's a piece of cake, since the student teacher is doing all of the teaching and I just help to keep order in the class. I am working with 6th and 7th grade band in a school that has a great teacher already, so they have better than average discipline. Not a lot for me to do! I did help fix a saxophone today.....aren't you impressed? I just had to screw in a piece and it was fine. Anything more and I wouldn't have even tried.

    I had a lovely birthday on the 3rd....roses from the hubby, plus $$ to get my hair highlighted sometime. I want to hold off for a few weeks, so that it will still look good at my son's wedding. June 12th is the big day. He is looking for work in the meantime....he's trying to get a census job. Hope it happens.

    We are having an early spring and are really dry. We had almost no snow this winter......I guess it all went to the Midwest and the East coast. Nancy, did you have a lot of snow?

    To anyone I missed, have a great weekend and write soon!
    Hugs, Terri

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