what happened to silver thread?

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    I wrote the following response and when I hit submit, my response and the entire thread disappeared

    10/17/09 6:52 PM silver and xmrv

    personally, even though I think silver is great and has helped me a lot, I do not believe it will get rid of retroviruses bc they permanently alter the DNA - nothing we know of yet will cure retroviruses - not the toxic drugs being used for HIV, not silver, not anything that we have yet tried

    that does not mean that silver might not be helpful in defeating the other opportunistic viruses that so many of us get, or that it might not even help to keep xmrv somewhat under control

    I would be cautious about using huge amounts of it, though, bc in general huge amounts of ANYthing can be bad.....and although the risk of turning blue while using silver is really extremely low when one takes moderate doses, that risk is increased if one takes huge amounts of it and for long periods of time
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    yikes, you're rt that one is gone now, too.....and I recently responded further to it, too.....ok this is not cool - where are our threads going?
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    Hi AuntTammie,

    Rocky76 started the thread. Statements were made by him/her touting the benefits of colloidal silver. I posted an opposing view point and the entire thread was deleted. Shortly thereafter, Rocky76 posted another thread claiming feeling hurt about negative comments. I suspect rocky76 deleted his/her own thread. Please refer to the thread "Its just not" posted by Rocky76.

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    Zero.dip is correct. Colidal Silver, when used too often or too much, can turn your skin blue. And it is permanent. Dr. Oz and Oprah had a man on the show who did exactly that. It is a mistake he will have to live with for the rest of his life. Zero.dip wasn't being argumentative; just pointing out what can possibly happen.