What happens at a "Pain Management Clinic"????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lindasue, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. lindasue

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    Hi all,
    Well my doc has refered me to a "Pain Clinic". I am going next Friday..But I was wondering if anyone has been to one and if so...what happens there?? I am seeing an MD..so I guess they prescribe meds....I have just been in sooo much pain lately that my doc wants me to see someone else.
    I just needed some info from you to get an ideal of what I have to "look forward to"~~~~~~~
    Oh, and the rummie that he sent me to is a total JERK!!! So I hate even going back to him.....Already saw him 4 times and don't think I will EVER go back!!
    Thanks for any imput you can offer!
    Love and warm hugs,
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    Congratulations on getting that far. I have a rheumy here in town that I have seen for years and finally admitted he couldn't help me further, it was time for a pain doctor (even though he said he didn't want to). My first appointment was questions and answers, where it hurts, causes and anything that helped with the pain, etc. We went over what meds I had tried in the past and what I was currently on for other health issues. The relief of having someone finally listen to me and say he could help me left me crying in the parking lot I was so happy and relieved.

    I started on low dose of oxycodone and it has been wait and see the dosages and medications. I currently am on the patch after trial and error periods with the oxy's. At first I was afraid to tell him the meds weren't strong enough because I didn't want him to think I was "drug seeking" and felt that "beggars can't be choosers" because I was doing better than I had been so I should be happy with that. He wasn't happy with that and wanted me to keep trying meds until we found the right one. He is a God-send. He has given me my life back, or a semblence of it. Good luck, I hope your doctor helps you as much as my doctor has helped me. We all deserve the best quality of life possible.

  3. Mikie

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    Many have a comprehensive approach including physical therapy and others just prescribe drugs. There are all kinds of docs in between.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Linda,
    Well ive been to pain management clinic & the consultant told me that medically they couldnt do anything else for me.
    Im on very strong,high doses of pain killers(codydramol),i also take the highest dose of cipramil(anti-depressants).
    Plus i take multi vitamins with iron which are a godsend,they have given me a lot more energy & help with my anemia aswell.
    The doc will discuss various methods of pain relief & ask what you already take.
    Then theyll offer you various options suitable to you & your illness.
    I was offered relaxation classes & even though a group setting wasnt for me id advise people to give it a go.
    You meet others who all have 1 thing in common,CHRONIC PAIN!
    Its such a relief to talk to others who feel your pain because theyre feeling it too.
    Hope it helps,take care & very gentle snuggles to you.
    Sharon d(UK)