what happens long term ?

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    ... what happens long term with fibromyalgia ? .. the reason I'm asking is because I never did get a straight answer from the Rheumy I saw .. I know each individual is a different case and circumstance but .. when professionals side step a question like that it has me wondering, is it going to get worse and worse ? .. not meaning flare ups but the total condition itself .. I would rather know and be prepared .. anyone else out there wondering the same thing ?
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    or "degenerative", but I have noticed over time that each time I have a flare it is worse that the previous one and it lasts longer... and there is less time between, as well as incomplete "recovery"... So, hmmm...
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    Great post-

    Asking a Dr what the long-term effects of FMS/CFS is? I have never heard an answer-

    What i have gathered is the FMS/CFS disorder may hit its peak but what we do in the mean time is what destroys us.

    Taken thousands of strong narcotic medications destroys the liver and other organs...an over dose, recently in my local support group a woman had an "accdently" over dosed and passed away.

    The depression it causes takes you out of life as a "player"..your now a spectator..your forgotten about by so many friends and even family members. Loneliness.

    No job, No money, No worth creates major problems with many and sudicde has been reported in some FMS/CFS cases.

    Stress, we all have problems finding Drs who will help us, fighting the insurance companies to get what we paid for, sleepless nights as we wait for the medicare and social secuirty system to help- anxiety and stress causes heart disease.

    Lack of movement and being sedentary causes obesity and if you dont eat the right foods and change your entire life style obesity will set in. Obseity causes so many other health problems.

    So a few things I see out there- so it isnt the disease itself- its what we do after we get the disease.

    take care of YOU!