What happens to disability when diagnosed with Celiac- does it stop?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hootie1, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Hootie1

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    My doctor now thinks that I might have celiac disease. I received my retirement disability based on Fibro, CFS, and undifferentiated connective tissue disease. I received my SSDI for anxiety, depression, and FM.

    If I end up having celiac, I'm wondering if I will be taken off of disability. I'm wondering if my only problem might be celiac. I guess I'm scared because I definately cannot work.

    Any thoughts? I only have my reviews with SSDI in 7 yrs.
  2. jaded_lady

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    You received SSDI for anxiety, depression, and FM. Unless the Dr. diagnosing Celiac states to SSDI that curing the Celeac will cure you of anxiety, depression and FM, I don't think you would have to return to work.

    In 7 yrs you have a review, if the Dr who wrote about your anxiety, depression, FM writes the same on the reviews, you still are disabled. Is that about right everyone?

    I researched celiac (trying to figure out why I have IBS), the treatment takes about a year for the fili (sp?) can regrow in the lining of the stomach.(filia spelling?)

    Unless this Dr thinks he cures the celiac and all the other problems disappear and the Dr sends the information to SSDI (do they send information before being asked to review a file?) I think you are worrying way to soon.

    Celiec treatment is very stringent and tough to do again, it takes a year for the 'fili' or 'filia' to heal. I don't think they will be cured, just that they will regrow and begin working better.
  3. Hootie1

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    SSDI will evaluate you on whether you can work or not period. Documentation is very important to prove whether you can work or not.

    I hired an attorney- I've heard of other people using Allsup, but I prefer an attorney. I never had to see them face to face nor did I have to go to a hearing. I was happy about that.

    I filed via telephone. My advise to you is to get an attorney before you file. I used Bernard Shaprio from Connecticut. They practically wrote the approval for the office and it was awarded. I was awarded for anxiety, depression and FMS. I also had extensive testing done from the fibromyalgia and fatigue center showeing my fMS. SSA will only look at specialists not GP's.

    Let me know if you need anything else. It took 9 mths. I also have disability retirement from the Office of Personnel Management. Filing for SSDI is extremely stressful, I would recommend Shapiro & Siegel- that's who I used. Ask for Bernie Shapiro.

  4. xchocoholic

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    I wouldn't worry it about losing your disability just yet ... Although that would be great !!!

    Not all celiacs heal to the point of being able to work. The fact is that you're a celiac WITH CFS ... So you have damaged villi and CFS symptoms. Meaning your problems aren't just in your gut ..

    There are celiacs who just have villi damage and the GF diet will fix their other health problems. These are the lucky ones ... And while the gf diet will help villi heal it can't always undo all the damage that gluten antibodies have caused in other parts of the body. As in gluten ataxia ... These people have damage to their brains which has been traced to gluten antibodies in their brains. Their brains may or may not heal. Gluten antibodies can affect any organs though ...

    IMHO, celiacs who just have villi damage are hard to find. I see too many celiacs with other problems that haven't healed.

    Then there are celiacs who have so much damage from malabsorption and leaky gut that they may not heal. If you google celiac NIH you should find a list of 250 auto immune conditions that celiacs may not heal from.

    I found out that I'm a celiac a few years ago but since I had so many other symptoms including gluten ataxia (gluten antibodies in my brain) and myoclonus ... etc etc .... I haven't healed like the medical profession keeps telling us that celiacs will ... I still have nutritional difficiencies, chronic hypoglycemia, hypersensitivity to gluten, ortho static intolerance and post exertional malaise. I've been told that these may or may not go away ...

    Hope you heal ... Marcia

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