**What happens when you have MSG??**

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherylD, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Do you get symptoms form eating it??? Like headache...more fatigue?? Does it affect your pain?? or stomach??

    I am just couious..I know it is a no no..but I would like to why..


  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I have a salad most every night and I use the fat free salad dressing from Hidden Valley and it has MSG in it, I think. Doesn't seem to bother me.

    When we have chinese food, they give us soy sauce that is MSG free.

    I don't seem to be bothered by Splenda, MSG, Equal, etc.

    My main problems come from supplements and my stomach being sensitive to most of them.

  3. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    That is about enough for me not to eat it...

    Thanks for the response..

  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Things like MSG, aspartame, etc. trigger migraine headaches in me, so I most definitely stay away from them!!

  5. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    can't eat at a lot of restaurants because of hidden MSG. He gets very nauseous, tired and headachey- almost like the flu. Sometimes it lasts for more than a full day after he's eaten it...then we put that restaurant on our "no-no" list. Terrible stuff.
  6. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    If I have only a small amount, I'm ok but I can usually tell pretty quickly if there's too much.

    I get headaches, nausea, dizziness and the shakes. Absolutely horrible feeling. One buffet restaurant I went to, I reacted half way through the meal. I am a slow eater but there must have been a lot!


  7. for me, is at the root of all my problems, anyways..

    but, for those of you who avoid it, or have family members who avoid it, and, I'd like to know....what do you eat..and for me, it is especially hard.. because, my system is SO torn up from it, that, I cannot hardly tolerate any fruits, so they are off the list-for the most part..not totally..

    They a lot of times, cause me terrible stomach cramps, pain, spasms in my intestines, pancreas,... that can radiate all the way up into my chest, making me take quick shallow breaths during these pain attacks.

    Sometimes sweating, vomiting, and/or diarrhea is involved with the attacks. Normally just the tremendous pain, & sometimes sweating, if I sweat, I will normally get the vomiting as well. I do not know why. I have had this with the severe spasming of the pancreas/duodenem ONLY since approx. 7-10 days after my gallblader was taken out, back in Oct 2000. But, Fruit has always been tricky with my tummy...

    To answer your question Shery, "Do you get symptoms from it?" (Other than above) My integrative medicine Dr. as I mentioned, thinks it plays a part* in my problems, but, doesn't know why, or when, I became so sensitive.

    We know I was born probably with the genetic set-up, but, believe something set this sensitivity off. There was just way too much stuff that happened in such a short time, and I was still young (22) it was very hard to pinpoint what was the exact culprit or if it was a combination of things.

    Anyways, I have erosive gastritis, duodenitis, pancreas dysfunction(never have figured *that* out. enzymes are still high though, as well as liver). I have to take digestive enzymes, 6 a day with meals.

    I always have headaches, so can't say they are due to food. I have no idea.

    Now the fatigue thing. you are on to something there, whenever I eat a FULL meal, I am always EXHAUSTED! I have to lay down immediately!! Always have! My body just cannot function!!!

    I feel like I'm one of those animals on the Discovery channel and I've been darted with a tranquilizer gun! LOL! I feel like I could just flop over on my side right at the dinner table & nap, LOL! It's funny...but, then again, it's not funny, at big dinners, I literally cannot hold my eyes open sometimes, after I've eaten.

    Take care, Good question/post SherylD
  8. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Hi Everyone..
    well I had a bad episode from eating MSG a few years back.. Ate at a Chinese food resturant at the Mall and by thet time I got to the car. I was having like a horrendous hotflash type of thing that went from the base of my skull to the lower back. all down my front and got such a migrane headache that lasted for it seemed about a week. It was terible so I read everything to stay away from it.. I love Chinese food .. I ask before eating it if they have added it .. I think Resturants are getting more careful about posting if it is in any of their foods..

    another place that has it is Applebees.. their stuff is packed with it. The only thing I can eat there is a salad. Its like the meat comes with it on already!

    Even Ponderosa has it in all of their pre packaged meats..that come in frozen. I asked a Manager there and he looked and it was in all of it.. This was about 2 or so yrs ago so maybe now they wont.. but if you arent sure. Ask the Manager and they will check..

    In regards to the dressings for salad.. almost all has it in .. The only one I found is the Kraft Cucumber Ranch which for some reason doesnt have it.. So I tend to go between that and regular olive oil and apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon.

    I find that I do much better with the fibro by not eating sugar and starches.. it helps the anxiety and depression too!..
    Have a good day..
  9. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I know this is probably a problem for me...My husband cooks alot and he makes soup alot..Well this last weekend he made a veg. beef soup..About 2 hours later I was itching out of control..

    I was looking at the boulion he uses and it has MSG..but it also had lot of different yeast...

    Then the next day I had a terrible headache..But I don't know if my headaches are from other things as well..

    I just have not felt good really since..I have had lots of dizziness..kinda disoriented(sp)

    MsBrandywine ..funny you say that about Applebees...That is one of my favorite places to eat out...I get sick about everytime I eat there...The last time I ate there I itched rally bad..I had steak, potatoes. and veggies..and a salad..I had had some soup ealier that day..I thought it was from that..Plus I get terrible fatigue...I think it is from this..

    But I can eat at Panera Bread..soup and a salad..and not itch...and feel ok.

    I know it is something I eat..I just don't know what..I ate at Subway once...Turkey sub..itched for few days...I have narrowed it down to some soups and breads?? Not sure.

    I know when my husband uses the boulion..I itch for sure and for a while..

    Thanks to everybody..I will do my best to stay away from it and see what happens..

  10. swifter

    swifter New Member

    When I ingest MSG, or Hydrolized Vegetable Protein or any other kind (There are several names to look for on labels). I get really sleepy, my ears plug up, I get really cold, I try to go to sleep, but I can usually hear things going on around me, but I can't seem to respond. It's like my system tries to shut down for awhile. After awhile, I start to come out of it. My doctors just ignored me, they wouldn't discuss it. I have done this enough times in the past several years to know exactly what causes it. It is hidden in food labels as Spices, Flavorings, natural spices, natural flavorings etc. I can't eat frozen turkeys, because they shoot them full of some preparation that does me in if I eat them. I can eat minimaly processed chicken and turkeys. I can't eat any soups except one brand in the health food section Health Valley. No bullion cubes. They use it at some resturants as a food preservative and flavor enhancer. Usually resturants where the food sits around for awhile. There are sites on the Web that give a list of names to look for on food labels, it's amazing.
  11. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Just checking back in here.. but. yes, I did speak with a Manager from AppleBees and they did say there was MSG in almost all of their foods.
    It is also in almost all of your soups.. Campbells does make a soup with out having it in there. Possibly Campbells Select? I dont have a can here to check but.. if you read find the one can that is a bit smaller then the rest you will see on the front it will say lower sodium and no msg..
    Walmart carries a brand of breadcrumbs ( which I dont use hardly at all) but.. that brand doesnt have it in there either.. it will say NO MSG on it..

    My Dr at that time told me now that I had such a big dose in my system that day that I could end up in the hospital after that.. so to make sure that I read and read.. everything on labels.. from now on.. So I have.. You wouldnt believe the stuff it is in.

    Plus ask at Resturants to have them check.. it is in canned spagetti sauce sometimes too. Unless I know that they make their own sauce for pizza or pasta I dont order any of it..
    I havent tried like TGIF or any place like that.. Country Buffet.. I havent had any problems.. but then again I try to be very cautious about what I get..
    It is some of your frozen dinners too.. Its in the breading on some fish, and parmegans.. I guess you just have to go thru and read labels to find out..

    Almost all of your prepackaged like rice a roni.. Chinese foods and mexican.. Once you start reading labels. you will find many products it is in and you just dont know it..
    I love or used to love the Jax cheesies.. and they are loaded with it.. the flavored potato chips.. tortillias.. you name it.. I read some place where the first ingredients in stuff is the most concentrated.. so if it is listed first then you know it is really got alot of it in the product and if it is almost last.. it isnt so concentrated.. so it is just a small amount in there.. but I still stay away from it..
  12. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I would love to know the sites so I can look up the names of it...Then I could watch for it a little better..


  13. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    at google or any search engine and see what is said.. and perhaps more is on there now.. this was a few yrs back that the episode happened to me.
  14. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Thank you so much..You've been very helpful.
  15. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Excitotoxin and MSG sources..by Elliespad on 1/05/06. She gives a list of names of hidden MSG which should help you a lot.... Terri
  16. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    ...I get major Migraine.

    I have had Migraines begining at age 14 and over the years I have learned the big no no's for me. MSG, watermellon, cottage cheese with blue cheese dressing (I can have cottage cheese or blue cheese dressing just not together). My grandmother was the same way-is that wierd or what...LOL



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