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    While I've tried well over a hundred medications and several herbs, here is what has helped me tremendously.

    Support system - I'm so fortunate to have a loving, intelligent and loving family - they "get it."

    Traditional treatment:

    - Neurontin
    - Calan SR (preventive for my "head pain attacks")
    - Klonopin (for muscle pain and spasms and head/neck pain)
    - Nexium (for GERD)
    - Zopiclone (sleeping aid only found outside the U.S. - I've stopped taking it for almost a year now...more effective than Ambien for me)
    - Migranal Nasal Spray (migraine abortive - doesn't help right away for me, though)

    Dealing with my allergies whether food, chemicals (i.e. scents), or outdoor/indoor ones.

    Allergy free bed sheets, mattress cover, pillows, no carpet in my room or near me if possible, a purifier and an A/C that has a natural filter/purifier built in.

    Avoiding as much yeast and too much sugar as possible for candida and 'reactive hypoglycemia" which means that while I crave sugar since my glucose levels are extremely low, after I eat something with sugar, my glucose DROPS even more! I know - strange, but that's me! lol

    Weekly vitamin/mineral drips - tailored to my specific deficiencies...

    I highly recommend getting tested for vitamin/mineral deficiences.

    Kutapressin (pig liver extract) and than Hepapressin (beef liver extract) - act as an antiviral, but when I was given it almost seven years ago, it started to help with my CFIDS/M.E. weakness. It took about a month to kick in. They're injections. There really aren't any side effects, but we're a rare bunch. Ask your doctor if you're interested. Dr. Enlander gives them.

    - Acupuncture
    - Myofascial massage/cranialsacral treatment
    - neuro/biofeedback - helps a lot with training the body on how to react to stimuli - "bad" stimuli.
    - Gentle stretching
    - Walking

    - Listening to music - my best therapy
    - Ridding myself of toxic people, foods, chemicals...

    - Probiotic
    - Juicing (buying a juicer is a great investment!)
    - "Trying" to eat better...avoiding my allergens
    - Heating pad (my best friend)
    - Ice bottle for my head pain

    - Advocacy - makes me feel proactive

    - Humor

    - Not being my illnesses - just "having" illnesses. That was s tough one, but I managed to get a grasp on that...well, a pretty good grasp. *grin*

    I'm sure there's more, but I think I've bombarded you guys enough...

    To better days!
    LB32 (Leeza)

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