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    Hey, found this forum and thought id drop by and let everyone know what helped me through a horrible time with CFS.

    ok first thing that helped was adaptogen herbs, i suspect i had adrenal fatigue, so these herbs help greatly in restoring normal adrenal gland function. Some of the best were ashwagandha, suma root, jiaogulan and schizandra.

    acidified magnesium sources such as magnesium malate/citrate or topical magnesium gel helped alot with my fibro symptoms and energy.

    getting my digestion back in gear with cultured foods and probiotics was a massive step in the right direction from being bed ridden to being able to go for walks.

    and vitamin b rich foods such as rice bran, oat bran, seaweeds(helped my thyroid and adrenals) help feed the good bacteria also.

    Hope this helps abit:).

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    There is a very good board here titled ME/CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME that I truly hope you will place your post on as they will need to know this information. They are wonderful people and you will find many good resources there. Good luck and thanks.