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    I have this shake every day, sometimes twice. It truly has helped...Fresh Frozen Blueberries, Strawberries, A Banana, Unsweetened Apple Juice, Plain Yogurt, 1 scoop of Spiru-Tein ( Natures Plus Brand) High Protein Energy Meal Supplement And filtered water for consistency. It is available through GNC. I have lost a Huge amount of weight by using it and switching to raw food such as salad. Also with each meal I take "Acidophilus" Tablets. They have helped to eliminate the Gastric explosion any foods cause by entering the intestines. Mine are shot from this illness and these two products help the nutrients to get to the intestines and stay longer for absorption of the vitamins and minerals, therefore increasing my energy levels. Also No Pork or Beef. I get deathly ill with symptoms that cause the bed ridden stage, and infection spots on my skin erupt if I eat them. Just Fish and very little poultry for me. And A great Doctor who listens. I am on no Med's right now, but for 4 years thats how I survived. Pay attention to your mind and Body, and if you need an anti-depressant take it! If people think it's weak to use them around you, don't tell anyone your on them. It's all about your health. That helped me more than I can explain in words. Hope these help you as well.
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