what helped my foot pain (heel spurs)!!!

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    just wanted to pass this info along- in case it may help anyone--

    i have had heel spurs/foot pain/plantar fasciatis (sp?) for many many years. the pain can come and go- but what puts me into a flare the most is standing alot or standing on hard surfaces. (at its worst- one time i had to crawl on hands and knees to get to the bathroom instead of walk and endure the pain.) a trigger for me is walking in stores (groc stores, walmart, mall, whatever) because of the hard floors. i finally broke down and started using the electric scooter thing- so i could avoid the pain. when my feet would be in so much pain- then my back would be in pain- then my cfs would flare- and then i am stuck in bed.

    well- something has helped my foot pain SO MUCH! a new pair of shoes- birkenstocks. i have been buying and wearing birks for years due to the foot pain. (they are all i can wear, to be honest.) but the problem was that i was wearing (daily) a pair that was too old. i ordered a new pair (qvc has the best prices i have seen) about $50.00 i think. several weeks after i got them my foot pain greatly diminished. and it has stayed gone for months now. feels like a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now - i have learned my lesson- when my feet start killing me again- its time to order a new pair of birks. yes they are pricey- but for me it is worth it. what helps so much with them is the CORK footbed. maybe there are other less expensive brands of shoes with cork footbeds- i dont know.

    i hope this info helps someone.
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    Thanks for sharing this. When that foot pain comes....oh I would do anything to relieve it. It's bad enough to live with RA, Fibro, OA and more and then have that horrible pain added on top.

    I have found that some shoes work great for the foot pain BUT I'll experience calf pain later. I hope to find a pair of Birkenstocks and will try those. BTW, I always used the electric scooters in stores when they are available but have found the Plantar Fascitis can come even after just a few minutes of standing on a hard surface.

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    yes, hard surfaces are the worst. concrete- ugh!

    i hope the birk. shoes help broadcastng bil and lulu.