What helped you with food/chem sensitivities?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tkearn5000, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. tkearn5000

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    Having a hard time with reactions to food/supps/meds. Wondering what others have used to help with this?
  2. klutzo

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    MCS continues to be a problem, but I find avoidance and replacement of chemicals with natural substitues helps immenseley.

    As mentioned above, NAET helped a lot, with a booster treatment at least once a year.

    The supplement MSM at high doses of 3-6 grams daily helped with pollen allergies.

  3. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    Avoidance of all offending foods, eating more natural/organic foods.

    Avoiding all chemicals, don't go down some isles in stores because of smells.

    Also at first used treatment with drops....a small dose of the chemical or food that bothers you taken when you are reacting to that item....desensitization therapy....you have to look hard to find a doc who does this but it really helps.

    Also make your house clean of all plastics, nonnatural cleaning products, use air cleaners, etc.

  4. Charlye

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    I also have a lot of sensitivities/allergies mostly to odors and chemicals. I have not been able to walk down the detergent lane in the store for 15-17 yrs because of the odors. Detergent, softerners, different cleaners. Then add the lane where the shampoos and the deordent is! WOW
    I have resorted to Arm and Hammer Detergent, vinegar to rince my clothes, I wash my under arms ofter. I use a special body wash and shampoo I send away for. I brush my teeth with regular baking soda.
    NOW why I write this.... I have trouble going anywhere as others people drench them selves in perfume, shampoo, body lotion, hair spray, clothe softener, and such. When they walk by me I almost stop breathing. This has gone on for about 15-27. I am also have a reaction to mold and such.
    thank you for listening.
  5. greatgran

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    I have a horrible time with this, so far have found nothing that works but to avoid if at all possible. Never had this before CFS.

    I feel the Food/Chem Sensitivities is one reason I have Chronic Sinusitis, then comes the antibiotic. The antibiotic does help with the sinus issue. I feel this is all a part of this darn CFS/FM.

    I did see an immunologist she tested for allergies such as grass, animals, mold etc. which were all negative so will have to go back for Food testing but so tried of going to doctors with no answers. In fact my doc didn't seem to grasp MCS.

    I have read on the net that Alker-Seltzer Gold is good for Food/Chem Sensitivities, when you are having a bad reaction.

    Been thinking of trying it but when I have a reaction I am so sick I forget to take it. My reactions put me to bed at times.

    Hope you get some answers,
  6. banya

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  7. pasara

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    I have MCSD. Exposure to certain daily chemicals, such as perfumes, detergents, adhesives, etc causes neurological symptoms in me. I also am very sensitive to medications. I have not had problems with food or the supplements I take though, however I do eat a very healthy and varied diet, and also give my body a break from supplements regularly.

    The most important thing for chemical sensitivity is avoidance, which is not to be taken lightly. My sensitivity severely affects where I go, who I see, what I do. Like I have learned to manage my energy for CFS, I have learned to manage my life in a similar way for the MCS. Both can be a real challenge.

    Since your problems seem to be more related to what you ingest,I would suggest you consider strengthening your liver function.

    Do you have a good herb store in your area, that is, one that caters to herbalists or those who primarily use herbal medicines and supplements for their health? Most herbalists make blends for healthy liver functions. (I would not suggest simply the kind you get at the grocery store, even those labeled "liver" tea. You need to go with a higher quality. If it comes in a tea bag you are not getting it.)

    The main herb associated with the liver is milk thistle. You can get this or a blend that includes this in tincture form too. This is very easy to find or order online. My personal opinion, however, is that bulk herbs made into a tea are the best when it comes to kidney or liver tonics because there are no additional ingredients such as alcohol, glycerin, stabilizers or gel caps to break down; just the herbs and water.

    you can also do some research into the type of foods that stress your liver, and those that support its healthy functioning. the liver helps us detoxify, so this is the most commonsense approach in my opinion. It is not an instant fix in the moment you are dealing with a reaction, but it is a way to help strengthen the body to deal with the assaults that come your way.

    good luck!

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