What helps cope with the heat??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gail, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. gail

    gail New Member

    I am burning up. Every summer it seems to get worse since I was diagnosed with Fibro/CFS. Are there any supplements etc. to take??

    BSHLEEN New Member

    My husband thinks it's all in my head the heat is really doing me in . I can handle only so much of the heat. And I feel sick and exhausted I drink water all the time . I'd rather be in air conditioner. I glad it's not just me.
  3. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    High Altitude (above 8600ft) and Air Conditioning and Low Humidity...Have the same "wilting" symptoms... even the mental clarity suffers, greatly, in temps above 80 degrees, but lack of humidity does help...
  4. dd

    dd New Member

    and I live in Florida where it is usually HOT all year round, UGGG.

    I always carry cold water with me everywhere I go. I keep some in a cooler in the car if I am out anywhere. I also take ice packs with me...the kind that are covered in a soft material. If I get too hot I place them on my pulse points to cool off. It really helps...may look a little bit odd but who cares.


  5. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I do not know anything that helps with the heat in the line of supplements.

    I do what Nink does, I have this collar that you soak in water and it stays cool for hours. Also carry a fabric small ice chest wherever I go with ice and water in it.

    Keep the a/c down to 69-70 year round. I am in Louisiana and when its hot, its hot which is most of the year. The humidity is pass belief.

    I did find one thing that does help, and thats wearing sun glasses. If you keep that bright sun out of your eyes, it will help with that awful 'I feel like I am going to die' feeling.

    Eat light, drink plenty of water and stay away from sodas, they only cause you to dehydrate quickly.

    Do yard work early in the morning (which is a problem for me most of the time!), or late in the evening if you do not have a mosquito problem like we have here.

    You are not alone, most of us can't handle the heat or the bright sun............

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. kmelodyg

    kmelodyg New Member

    I used to have long hair, and I just cut it "boy short" and I have never been happier!!! I also always keep a bottle of ice water handy. I stick my head under the faucet througout the day and wet down my hair and face. I also keep a spray bottle of cool water around and spray my self down often. My 1 year old nephew loves it too!!

  7. gail

    gail New Member

    Thanks for all the advice.
  8. busybusymom

    busybusymom New Member

    On you on any medications that could causing this reaction? I am on an tricyclic antidepressant, and ever since I have been taking them I feel as if I am burning up from the inside out when I get into weather above 75.

    As far as suggestions to stay cool, I plan all errands early, early or in the early evening. I do drink a lot of water, not juices or soda. I believe keeping hydrated is essential. I also allow myself to tell my kids "no" to outdoor activities if it's just too hot outside.

    Busy, busy mom
  9. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    When I used to get hot flashes in the daytime, I would open the freezer and just stand there till it passed :) My husband used to say I had a 'love affair' going with the freezer!!

    Busy, Busy, Mom, it is not meds that causes the sweats, its the Fibro. I went from menopause to FM, and have not stopped sweating since! They only med I take is Xanax, that would help stop them, not make them worst.

    Barbara and I are in one heck of a hot humid area.

    If you get too hot Barbara, just come visit me, my kids are all grown and gone, and my husband when he is home loves it as cool as I do :).

    Shalom, Shirl
  10. JQP

    JQP New Member

    I have changed my meds completely, but still suffer from the internal heat problem. However, I was told years ago that having ice cold drinks or ice cream, whilst giving instant relief actually exacerbate the problem, because the body thinks it is freezing and sets of the process to warm you up again!!!! I only drink room temperature water - you do get used to it, honest.

    Whilst the heat makes my problem worse, I suffer with it all year round - and live in the UK! Make sleeping hell in the summer and lesser hell in the winter. Look on the bright side though, when everyone else is cold, we're not!

    Stick to natural fibres - cotton, silk, linen and stay clear of polyesters etc. Even sheets etc, go for cotton only and if you can cope feather pillows.

    Hope some of this helps...
  11. sickdave

    sickdave New Member

    Hi Gail:

    Here is my two cents worth( I have had this for ten years!) I used to lay on the floor sans clothes and suffer because I didn't know any better. Now I drink slightly cold artesian well water. Too cold makes it worse!!! If I get really hot like I think I am having a heat stroke I lay in front of a fan or open the fridge. If I am outside like waiting for a bus etc I go inside (slooowly) air conditioned buildings or in worse case I call the police or sheriff to pick me up and take me home. Now that I am driving it is a lot easier but Istill have to watch it.

    At this present time I live on a 5000 foot mountain and I drink natural spring water and breathe clean air. I know that in your case you probably cannot do this but think about it. (I did not think it would ever happen to me and now here I am)

    I hope this helps you. OBTW how much salt and sugar do you intake? I have found that it helps to cut way down on them.

    You go girl!!

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    In fact, Debbie lives at one end of town and I live at another. We have two seasons here: Hot and Hotter. Right now, it is about 92 every day and about 74 every night. It goes on like this for about six months. In the winter, it is in the low 80's almost every day unless we catch a cold front which dips down here.

    I've pretty much acclimated to the heat and don't mind it, but I also don't do anything outside requiring any effort. I stay inside where it's air conditioned. I drink tons of water. I go to the pool which feels wonderful. I now have my hair cut short. I wear tee shirts and shorts with sandals, little sheath dresses, or long loose sleeveless dresses. We wear sandals down here all year. Hardly anyone wears high heels and pantyhose. It's very casual.

    There's always the beach, but this time of year, the sand is so hot, it burns you feet to walk on. The water in the Gulf is in the low 80's and it does feel good to splash around in.

    If you get to feeling too hot, some ice on your wrists or ankles is good. You can soak your feet in cold water and that helps too. Down here, we have ceiling fans in all the rooms. The breeze off the fans feels good too.

    Love, Mikie
  13. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    I cant stand this heat at all.I also live in uk and am BOILING all the time.Sleep with just a sheet on the bed and live in thin cotton tops and shorts,I dont sweat under my arms at all tho which i find strange!!I now have ostoearthritis in hands wrists and elbow ,neck and lower back and i feel as tho this is making it worse but im not sure,Hands burn the worst and drive me nuts.I have been known to stand outside in garden at 2 in the morning when i cant sleep in just my knicks lol, to cool my feet down!!
    Hope the neighbours sleep well !!!
  14. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Yes, its a little cooler here then the Westbank, but not much. We do have colder winters, sometimes up to 20 degrees or more different.

    The is a country area, so not too many houses, lots of forest here.
    This house is shaded by trees older than me, but sometimes it gets so hot that I will go outside and hose the roof/brick to cool the house itself down. It does make a difference. If you have them, just put the sprinklers on aimed at the house!

    Wish you drove too, be glad to share my cold house with you :)

    Jacqui, I never drink iced anything. Always room temperature water, and just cool fruit juices.

    You are right, ice water is not a good idea at all.

    Mikie is right, put the ice on wrist, back of the neck, and you can soak your feet in cool water to cool down. All that will help.

    Keep cool everyone...............

    Shalom, Shirl

  15. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    of Dollar Stretcher newsletter yesterday and there were several ways people used to beat the heat.

    One was from a college student who lived in a 3rd story dorm room without A/C. He said he would sit with his feet in a pan of very cool water. He said not to use ice cold water (although I don't know why) and swore that it helped.

    Another lady said she put water in zip lock baggies and froze them and then put one on her feet and one behind her neck.

    I think the strangest (although this one too swore that it worked) is the lady who took a cool shower and then went straight to bed with drying off. She said the bed wasn't soaking wet just damp and with a fan on her, she stayed cool all night.

    Another suggestion is to wet a towel in cold water, wring it out and hang in the doorway. Then put a fan behind it and it blows cool air into the room on the other side.

    Never tried these, but they may work great.

  16. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    Central air and bottled water.....that's how I cope. I don't go out in the heat at all.

    Marilyn :)
  17. achy

    achy New Member

    Moved here from jersey at 3 yrs...
    They say you'll get used to it...WRONG.

    I have actually taken those small white ice packs, the ones you get to keep food you bought cold, or food in the mail -

    and put them in my bra (middle no ice on the...well...LOL)
    I've also but them in my pockets. It helps, but minutely.

    One of these days I'mm just gunna melt...all they'll find is a puddle....tee hee

    Warm fuzzies