what helps for energy?

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  1. pacem

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    I've been so fatigued lately that I can barely get myself out of bed. When I do get out of bed and get the kids off to school, it takes everything I have not to go right back to sleep. Does anyone know of a good over the counter supplement that can give me some energy? Thanks so much. God bless!
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    I take the Fibro energy from here and CoQ10 and Natures Made Super B Complex.
    You can get a free sample here,

    And I just added NADH 5mg, I understand it takes a few weeks to "feel" it working so I can't say if it's helping just yet.
  3. pearls

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    I've been able to solve most of my big fibromyalgia problems (pain and sleeplessness), but lack of energy is one thing that hangs on. However, I've found that if I get outside to take a walk every day, I do feel better, stronger, and even have more energy - not a lot of it, but definitely more. If your fibromyalgia is severe, you might want to start slowly and build from there.

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    Wow; here you are again, grammy27, to the rescue, lol. Bless your heart you are so helpful in many ways. Did you speak with your dr. before beginning the liquid vitamins and minerals? I posted a thread about "Iron" but no one responded so I deleted it. It was regarding lack of energy; I'm on Iron. However, I'm still very fatigued; low blood pressure this morning, 93/53 and about an hour ago, 132/72. I'm on thyroid also. May I ask, what vitamin you take? Seems like I might need Super B complex or something like that. Thank you, grammy27.

    Pacem, I'm so glad that you posted this; grammy27 just might be onto something. Thank you and didn't mean to burst in on your thread.

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    I take Fibro energy, Fibro freedom (gotta have this) and the Fibro Multi supplement and GABA (for clear thinking) from ProHealth. The multi is a large tablet that I chew with orange juice every morning. Pills don't bother me - well only if they're too big - I have a hard time swallowing them then. That's just me. Try to add more protein in your diet too and have your Vit. D levels checked. The fatigue gets me too, it's really hard some days so I try to take these as early as I can before work.
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    Called "Ultra Muscleze" by a company called Nutri Ltd. I honestly can't recommend it enough!!

    It's basically designed to support ATP production/ mito resuscitation.. It gets rid of the build up of lactic acid and other by-products of the Krebbs cycle which build up in our muscles and cause pain, as well as putting a halt to the whole cycle. I can't even begin to explain how much this has helped - A couple of months ago I was only able to go out once a fortnight max, after taking it for a week or so I was popping out every day. It gets rid of PEM, that heavy "concrete" muscle feeling and gives you much more energy.

    I've found that the recommended dose isn't enough though, so I take a bit extra as and when I need it (I figure, if I'm still in pain, I still have lactic acid build up so need more help).

    I did post here about it a while ago but no one replied - which is a shame, and frustrating, because it really really helps!!

    Also, taking it with CoQ10 would probably be a really good idea.
  7. dardenburns

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    You are most likely suffering from adrenal exhaustion. This can be diagnosed with a saliva test that measures cortisol levels. Most FMS/CFS suffer from adrenal exhaustion. You need to work with a holistic MD or naturopath who uses this test and treats with hydrocortisol. You could also have Wilson's syndrome - another condition common to FMS/CFS. Doing the hormonal protocol for these conditions may make a huge difference in fatigue. I do not think any over the counter remedies are helpful. To learn more about this check out my blog: www.fibrofriends.typepad.com and check out the post "Adrenal Exhaustion".
  8. mbofov

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    You might have adrenal exhaustion as dardenburns said, and if so, it needs to be treated. My weak adrenals were diagnosed by a very good chiropractor who did muscle testing and who gave me Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process (an adrenal glandular product). It worked very well, I had to take it for quite awhile.

    Also, I take Armour thyroid. Armour supplements with both T3 and T4. The synthetic thyroid only helps with one of those (I forget which one).

    Other things that have helped:
    l-carnitine or acetyl-l-carnitine
    Malic acid and magnesium, or magnesium malate
    NADA (20 mg. a day)
    B-12 shots or sublingual lozenges

    It really would be helpful if you could get to a naturopath who will check your adrenals and your diet and will know about all these things. You need to know what you're dealing with (e.g., if your adrenals are wiped out) so that you'll know what to do.

    Good luck!

  9. joetonya

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    I was bedridden until I tried these:
    Shot-O-B12 5,000mcg 2xday
    Co-Q-10 200mg 2xday
    AdrenERGIZER 3xday
    Moducare 3xday
    Nature's Plus Adult Multi vitamin 1xday
    You will also need something to help with your REM sleep. Most FM patients never reach the REM sleep that's essentially needed for energy. For this, I take Power To Sleep PM. I take one to two pills before bedtime. That helps reach your deep sleep. There are no side effects to any of these supplements. Take this list to your local health food store and they should have them. If these don't work for you, try calling Jim Hill, a naturopathist who owns a health food store in Florida. His number is 850-531-0930. He was highly recommended to me and he recommended the following supplements that I listed above. I was in bad shape before I started taking these supplements and now I'm much better. He's very friendly and doesn't charge anything for his advice. He doesn't even expect you to buy the supplements through him. Good luck!