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    weight keep going down, i suppostly has candidas, my dr. just did the blood work for yeast, hasn't seen him yet to know if i truly has candidas, i did spit in a glass,and my spit went down, but im hoping that the blood work shows that i DON'T have candidas, one less problem would be great.

    i recently found out through an endoscopy that i have a big ulcer, have a copy of the ulcer, the problem is, how do you stop the weight from falling off, i can barely eat anything, between having candidas, and ulcers.

    i do drink the powder whey protein,but that is not enough, any other food,anyone can suggest to eat, a big thanks is appreciated.

    need everyone input. i use to weigh 200 pounds,but im more lean and long, and im now down to 174in less than 2 months........helps....this is scary
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    Usually having Candida causes weight gain, but the diet to eliminate it can cause a lot of weight loss....also usually having low thyroid causes weight gain, as well....since you have the ulcer, too, though, and are not eating much of anything, I can understand why you are losing weight....I would really try to ask your Dr what he thinks you should eat at this point, though, bc obviously being able to get proper nutrition is really important (for the obvious reasons, but also to support healing).....aside from the whey protein are there any foods that you can tolerate at all? Also, what about trying to work with a nutritionist or Registered Dietitian? At this point, an RD would probably be your very best bet, bc he/she should have the knowledge to be able to work around your health issues and to find some foods, supplements, even liquid nutrition types of things (like ensure) that could help.
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    on your guts. i had it bad some time back. it recurs from time to time. it causes IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and makes it hard for your innards to cope with many foods.

    first and foremost- lay off all sugar and high-glycemic foods (go online to find information about this). chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, wheat are common culprits for intestinal upsets. also fats can trigger problems.

    there are treatments for condidiasis- natural treatments from healthfood stores, like oil of oregano, and there are others. also doctor can prescribe something.

    that is a worry- losing weight so fast. i suggest making your diet very plain and simple. chicken, white rice- try things out. maybe get off the wheat and see if that helps. i don't have any wheat anymore. there are lots of gluten-free alternatives out there, and i don't miss it at all.

    so get off all sugar, and find foods you can tolerate, starting with very bland things- see how it goes. maybe books and online information can help you along. find what works for you. get a plan of action going. and report back on your progress! i have lots of food ideas because i've been finding out what works for me for years- best of luck- Sascha
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    If you have CFS excessive weight loss is one of the symptoms. More often it's weight gain but uncontrollable weight loss happens to a lot of CFSers. I've heard that it's actually harder on people with CFS when they keep losing weight because it makes them weaker. I don't think Candidiasis is responsible for it but I do think most of us have Candida overgrowth just because that's caused by an imbalance of gut flora and we have lots of imbalances. Candida is also cause by compromised immune systems like we have. Candida is very common in AIDS patients for the same reason.

    I've heard that trying to gain weight can be impossible for CFSers in this situation but all you can do is try. You might want to add more butter to your diet, organic is best. Try eating pasta with cream sauce. Chocolate. Breyers Ice-cream, vanilla is best as it has no added junk. And you might try those weight gain products some Nutrition stores sell, like GNC. Sorry you're going through this. I wish I could give you my excess weight. ;)


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