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    Before I go to bed, I just wanted to say that I
    will never understand why we don't sleep on days
    when we have gotten up particulary early or have
    had less sleep or have been more active.

    As I posted earlier, I slept about three hours last
    night - if that. I soaked in a hot tub for an hour -
    which is supposed to make you sleep better.

    So why is it, that it is 2:15 a.m. and I don't feel as
    though I am going to sleep any earlier than usual???
    Just boggles the mind! At least I can be sure,
    hopefully, that sleep will come before 10:30 a.m

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    Hi Lynn,

    A while back someone posted a message on this board describing the times of day when the immune system is most active. Researchers had already also noted the effects of raised cytokines on the brain.

    These times correlate with the times that many of us get the little sleep we do manage and when we feel are brain's are working better. Made sense to me.



    ps Lynn I did post some additional info on the intuos graphics tablet and pen for you, hope it helps.

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  3. Applyn59

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    I just find it annoying! LOL
    Thanks for the info on the intuos, I did read it and will
    keep it in mind.


    I am like that, too. If I am overtired (which also seems
    odd, since I am always exhausted) I have a more
    difficult time sleeping. It just makes it worse.
    There is just no easy answer to anything with
    this it seems.

  4. Plantscaper

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    It always happens that the more I push, I go into overdrive, and usually, insomnia results..This is such a central problem in these DDs, and something that "normals" do not comprehend...

    But, recently, have you read about the postings on the Adrenals by Klutzo...how you could be putting out more cortisol during the night than daytime, and it is reversed from what should be happening..can account for how I usually feel much more awake duing evening hours, less alert during morning hours..

    I have really had to focus on going to sleep, as early as possible, but it is not natural to these DDs..I feel for you...Look at all the postings on Adrenal Insuffiency..especially in regard to Klutzo..

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    I can't believe how many symptoms we have in common! Up till the time I started reading these,I really felt desparately alone.I wish to thank all those that have made this site possible. I honestly believe there are answers to most af our problems,but because there isn't as much money to be made as say selling the drugs allready available,research is way behind the times!
  6. Applyn59

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    Our circadium rhythms are all messed up.
    It varies with me. Sometimes I feel more awake
    at night, but most of the time I just feel exhausted
    all the time no matter what time it is. It used
    to be that I could sleep all day and then at night
    I would do things I needed to do. Now, I am
    just plain exhausted all the time. After
    sleeping all day, I usually am up for just a few
    hours and then I go back to my bed to read,
    watch tv, come online, etc. I know everyone
    says that you shouldn't do anything in bed
    except sleep, but my bed is where I am most
    comfortable. Laptop is a godsend.

    As the most recent poster stated, I do feel so at
    home here knowing that others understand and go
    through what I do. Normal people think that
    if you get up extra early that you will change your
    clock. That is not always the case. At least
    not for me.

  7. averilpam

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    I used to be a 'morning person' , awake early and needing to go to bed early. These days, I wake feeling groggy and usually manage to come round a bit after an hour or so, which makes it hard getting to work with my teeth brushed, hair combed and lunch made

    Even though I get home from work exhausted and can't often summon the energy to do much in the evenings, I have difficulty getting off to sleep early and even when I do I rarely sleep for more than two hours at a time. If I didn't work then maybe I could learn to live with it and adjust my lifestyle to manage it. Working full time is just getting harder and harder.