What if Lyme is untreated? Scary Question...

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Kimba4318, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Kimba4318

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    What can happen if Lyme is untreated for years - or with an insufficient amount of antibiotics? Afraid of the answers but just wondering....
  2. victoria

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    symptoms will usually - if not always- get worse, can kill.

    I'm on several yahoo lists for Lyme, they include anything - including obituaries - that mention Lyme...

    There have been several obits published that listed Lyme as one of the complicating causes for those people dying. . . not unexpectedly, these so far have mostly been from New England states.

    A couple of people I know go to Dr. Cheney, they now have heart complications and are taking part in his study...

    I asked them what he thought about Lyme... I don't know if this is representative of what Dr. Cheney really thinks, but from their answers it seemed that he felt the end results/symptoms of some disease process is what he is treating.

    I still don't understand why he doesn't at least test for it, but neither of the 2 I know have been tested for it thru Dr. Cheney.

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  3. jarjar

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    I have a couple of friends that see Cheney and as brilliant as he is, I as well as others wonder why he refuses to look into lyme? Lyme is known to cause heart problems which is what he is working on. But there is evidence of heart complications caused by virus's also.

    I read once where in his early years Dr. cheney worked with abx with a couple of patients. Who knows what back in those days and they just got worse, probably herx, so he stopped working with them.

    But I agree if he would keep up with all the latest info its hard to overlook Lyme complications and how the sypmtoms are identical to CFS and FM.

  4. sixtyslady

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    my husband had lymes several years o.k.. he had the bulls eye and rash they did test it came back neg, but they treated him any how , my question he now has cadiomyopathy. with no know cause. do you think this could be from the lyme,s.
  5. victoria

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    as it could persist beyond the normal routine of 2-4 weeks of abx that are given initially when one has had the rash (acute Lyme).

    Could be some other stealth pathogen(s) as well or instead...

    had a friend who had quadruple bypass, he later found he had c. pneumonii and treated it successfully plus IV chelation. He is still alive more than 6 years later, which is a miracle because he'd had other heart problems as well prior to bypasses. My cousin also did this and I believe it helped him live longer than he would have (had asthma plus smoked plus an early heart attack).

    You might also want to check out LEF.org (Life Extension Foundation) - their info and protocols are all available online for free.

    hope this helps,

  6. sixtyslady

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    thanks for the information. I"m going to check out that web site. and see what I can find, I"ve been on the web trying to find all I can for this cardiomyopathy. because he doesn"t have high b/p.his ateries are clear.
    his heart just isn"t pumping strong enough.
    thanks again sixtyslady