What if you can't get many organic foods?

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    Here in rural w. ky. i cannot get hardly any organic foods, so i soak them l0 minutes in nutri biotics grape seed extract, and rinse, i've read book in past by N.D. who had severe chem. sensitivites, CFS, etc. now healed but her main problme was severe food allergeis (i too) MCS

    she did lots of colonics and finally couldn't tolerate anything but organic foods,

    i've not been able to find a source i can afford or no coops here in this rural part of west. ky. the stores carry little because the managers say no demand,

    do you have to have organic foods to heal especialy from the MCS or food allergies reactions so many of us have?

    or does soaking food grade hydrogen pyrodixe which someone told me kills nutrients but recommend in some healing foods books

    and grape seed extract help wtih the pestisides of course i realize they are n't grown in as nutrien dense soil

    WHAT's the opinion on here for those like me who can't afford or live in areas where they haven't been able to find a source period or an affordable one. paul mark