What if you do have an addictive personality/pain meds

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    What if you do have an addictive personality and you require pain meds? I take 4 Vicodin and 4 Ultram a day and I'm still in pain. How do you go about asking your doctor for more pain control? She is aware that I had a drug problem from 1993 to 1997 and said she trusts me now and that I can call in my meds and not see her as often, but how do I go about getting something that will actually cut through the pain? She once said she wouldn't give me oxy, but that was a long time ago and we have established a better relationship since then.

    Somebody had mentioned you know you have an addictive personality when you can't stop eating chocolate, or can't stop smoking....Well, I'm both. I trust myself that I wouldn't abuse them, I just want to be out of pain for once.

  2. lisjhn

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    Let me know if you find one. I'm gonna ask my doctor what kind of pain meds she feels comfortable in giving me and if that doesn't work maybe a referral. I just here of so many people that go to them and they don't prescribe narcotics, I don't see how anything else can possible work on my pain is all.
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    What about a nerve block? I don't even know exactly what that consists of, who is a good candidate for it, how it works, or how effective. Don't know the benefits verses the risks, I just know that it is something that is controlled by someone else?
    I'm thinking of asking my doctor to explore some options for me other than pain meds, because for some odd reason, my pancreas has now decided that it hates Lortab, and revolts against me for taking just one pill. It doesn't make sense, I have had the pancreatic dysfuntion (pancreas divisum with improper duct drainage) for almost my entire illness (first attack was about 10 days or so after I had my gall bladder was removed....hmmmmm ....Madwolf??? To me that SCREAMS chronic pancreatitis of some sort....but,,, I'm merely the patient........)
    Anyways. Last winter, I was on Lortab 7.5 all winter long, as I was in a horrible flare. Recently, when I had my toenails removed (ingrown) I was given Lortab 5/500 (HA-HA what a joke) and anyways, I suffered terribly with my pancreas every pill I took, despite consuming plenty of food with the pills.
    I had read that oxycontin which I have never taken, can cause spasms in the sphincter of Oddi (pancreatic duct?), but never heard anything about any other pain meds affecting the pancreas. When I was in IU though, I had an ERCP for my pancreas, and they gave me Percocet for the pain, and if anything, it only made the "spasms" worse........go figure.

    Maybe the Duragesic Patch might be for you? I always had touble getting them to stick more than a day and a half or so....you wear them for 3 days, then change it. It comes in different dosages, so it can be increased eventually. It is strong stuff, though, mine also lost effectiveness farrrr before the three days were up, but, we all respond differently.....just a thought for ya.......
    wish I could help more.
    I commend you for not being ashamed of your past abuse, and asking for help and sharing your concerns....I feel that you'll be fine. I would probably just tell your doctor that you are still in pain, but very concerned. I'm sure the doctor will know of any avenues you two together might be able to venture down to find you the most effective and safe pain control. Also God Bless your doctor for seeing you as a real person in real pain, despite your previous history. It is probably your openess and honesty that helps her/him to trust you. I would just explain your fears once again, if you feel close enough. Hopefully, you will get the help you need to get your pain back under control soon. I'm in one H*** of a flare right now, and not taking anything but Advil Migraine gelcaps, due to my pancreas declaring war on me once again. (And it is a sneaky little bast***! lol) It completely behaved itself for five months---then WHAMMO.

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    These guys are better equipped to help with pain relief and to understand addiction.

    I am addicted to chocolate and nicotine but have been able to break both habits. Haven't smoked in 20 years or so, but the urge for a drag still hits me from time to time.

    I took Morphine and didn't get high from it nor desire to take more and more of it.

    I do believe our ultimate goal should be to get off pain meds through other safer methods like physical therapy, the Guai treatment, or exercise. I no longer take Morphine except in very rare cases. In fact, I usually take nothing for pain anymore.

    Love, Mikie
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    Something to tell you. I've heard that addictive personalities run in families. My mom is an alcoholic and I used to have a fear that I would inherit those traits. I also had a fear that if my docs knew that they would be hesitant to prescribe for me. I used to smoke, and I LOVE chocolate. I quite smoking, cold turkey, several times in fact. When I did start smoking again, it was a conscious choice I made at the time. But whenever I quit, I didn't go through the nicotine withdrawals. I think it was mind over matter, in my case. The last and final time I quit, I just did it, never looked back, and never had cravings. I will never smoke again, I've made that choice. Maybe I'm fortunate that I'm able to do that.
    As for pain meds, I do not, and have never gotten "high" on them. I depend on them to help me with the pain, to function, but I don't suffer any physical effects if I don't take them, other than increased pain.
    I agree, work with a pain specialist. Surely there is a way to get relief, in spite of your addictive tendancies.

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    So does it help with all over body pain or just certain areas? Because most of the time it's an all over type of pain, you know, the Mack truck pain, but I will have additional pain too, like my back right now. But I'm definitely looking for something that works everywhere.

    I think if I just asked my doctor again about the oxy or a patch, she'd go for it. It was awhile since she told me she doesn't prescribe oxycodone. I know she prescribes oxycontin to a friend of mine though, maybe that's what she meant, no to oxycodone but yes to oxycontin. I just have to get the nerve to ask and if she says no, ask to go to a pain specialist. I would imagine if she already has me on vicodin and ultram she'd be willing to knock it up a notch. I've gone as long as I can without asking. I will definitley ask about a nerve block though and see what she thinks....it's just hard when you've had a history of drug abuse. Damn, I wish I could go back and change my 20's....ha.

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    Lisa - there's a big difference between taking prescribed meds and addiction!!

    I'd suggest you ask the dr. you've been seeing for so long first since it's been a long time that you asked about oxy. If she won't do it, go to pain clinic. My daughter had big problems for a while getting what she needed because she's a recovering alcoholic & heavy smoker but she is now on oxy as it's the only thing that works for her FM pain - it just took finding the right doc. Now that her pain level is down she's in the process os quitting smoking which she says would not have been possible without some pain relief.
    Best wishes for getting the proper meds you deserve!
  8. lisjhn

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    That's what I needed to hear. I agree I could get so much more done with better pain relief. But there still is the flu-like symptoms that I can't find a med to help with, so I still wouldn't be ready for work again, but I could be more productive at least in other ways with better meds for pain. I will ask again soon, I just get so nervous when it comes to that subject.

    Also, Vicky, I was thinking more along the lines of the duragesic patch not lidocaine. Something more for all over pain.

  9. coyote

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    I am a recovering alcoholic, and have been addicted to prescription meds (tranquilizers and sleeping pills).
    I've been straight and sober since 1989.
    My shrink won't let me take Ultran or Vicodin because they work on the same brain receptors as alcohol.
    Exercise helps somewhat, when I can get motivated to do it.
    My doc says that the SSRIs work on pain......can't prove it here.
    Recently Magnesium and Zinc have been helping.
    It's a tough situation to be in.
    I agree with those who suggest a pain specialist. A lot of PCPs don't understand the ins and outs of addiction.
    Good luck.
    I know that everyone has to make the best decision for themselves. I say this without judgement. I don't walk in your shoes, and don't really know what's best for you. [This Message was Edited on 01/30/2003]