what if you haven't worked very much?

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    I'm new to posting but have been reading your site for months. I have a primary diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and also have depression off and on. I am not in therapy right now but need some.

    I applied for disability in 2006 and was turned down. I reapplied but my doctor didn't follow through with the paperwork and they closed the case. I just gave up at that point. I had such a lousy appointment with the ss physician, in that he made me feel like such a loser/malingerer (word?).

    This year I reapplied but they keep asking me questions about my work period and I don't have the answers any more. I don't know what to do. I worked in 2005 for about six months for a private business (they are now shut down, can't find them). My previous work experience was way back in the early 90's.

    So I only worked for six months in the last ten years. The person at the ss office looked at me funny when I told her that was it. How can I explain how difficult it was for me to work at all.
    Right now I'm collecting welfare while the application is pending. I have ended my marriage and desperately need disablilty. I can't remember the hours I worked or how many days. It was very sporadic.

    Why are they asking me these questions? I was self employed at the time. I wonder now if there was some fraud on the end of the business I worked at. Meanwhile, I have contacted the IRS to get a copy of my records (or I will do that today, online if I can figure it out).

    I'm afraid to make a mistake in answering their questions. I didn't keep very good records and I have the worst memory around.

    Help me if you can. I feel very nervous about this.

    Thank you.

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