"What If?"

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    What If?

    What if the Lord returned, today,
    To heal the blind and lame?
    Would you rejoice and tell your friends?
    Or, would you be ashamed?

    God is the ultimate Healer.
    He's our Supreme Comforter, too.
    So, "Where would we be, right now,
    If the statement, above, wasn't true?

    What if He turned His back on us;
    In our sorrow, misery, and pain?
    Do you think we would remember, then,
    To call upon His name?

    The comfort and healing that we receive,
    Are blessings sent down from above,
    God doesn't heal to prove He's Supreme.
    He does all these things out of Love.

    May God Bless:
    © 2002 by Vickie Lambdin