What Igenex test to order?

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    Those that have ordered the Igenex test....

    I'm just going to order the basic panel for now. Can someone tell me what number it is that I need to order? Is it the basic Lyme panel? Number 4090 or is it Complete Lyme Panel number 6050?

    I can't afford the co-infection panel right now. No way no how.

    Which is better for those that have had these these tests and what were the costs between the two?

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    Good Morning!

    I'd suggest you call Igenex at 1-800-832-3200 as they can

    advise you in relation to your particular situation. I know

    that they will send you the necessary tubes for blood samples

    via Fed Ex that your Doc can use to do the extraction of

    samples. You may ask them about how any insurance should be

    handled on your part. I went and had it done there at the Lab

    as I live so close to Palo Alto.

    Get Well!
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    To start with, I had the IGG and IGM westeren blot done, to see if I even had Lyme, Then after I tested positive for the IGM I tested for co-infections. I dont know what #s they are,but if you call Igenex they can help you and send you the free test kit. Igenex does not bill insurance,but they will give you the paper work so you can send it to your insurance company for reimbursement. Rocky, If your doc. is willing he can order the test for you. Good Luck,Sandie
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    The gold standard years ago was to run serial WB's and watch for changes over time.

    It's hard to get a positive test for Lyme the first time around. I still don't have one but don't care as I'm being treated.

    The tests don't mean much because Lyme is a clinical diagnosis. That means a doctor makes the diagnosis based on your symptoms and history.