What Igenex tests should i order?

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    I have had my Igenex kit for a while, and my doctor signed the form, so now I need help figuring out what to do next.

    I have been in a really bad flare this last month, and there has been so much going on with my kids school acitivites/birthdays, etc., that my brain is shot.

    I just can't seem to figure out how to do something sequential like this. grrr. My mind just sort of spins its wheels.

    1. which tests should I order? I don't want to spend unnecessarily, but I want this to be thorough.

    The form says that they now do the PCR as a courtesy, if you are sending whole blood samples. So, I read one opinion that co-infection tests weren't helpful, but I guess I'd like to know...

    The only band that was reactive on my Quest Western was IgG 41, so this could very likely turn out to be negative.

    2. Also, how do I get the doxy or whichever abx to provoke for the test, and how long should I do that?

    3. Also, finally, do I just take the kit to any lab, pay them (since insurance isn't involved) directly? Or do I have to make special arrangements with a particular lab to do the draw?

    Sorry for all the questions. I have gone to the lymnet and the other recommended sites. I find lymenet confusing in my current state. Or maybe I'm not accessing it correctly?

    I am also going to get my neck treated with that weird sounding atlas profilax in a few weeks. Regardless of what caused the damage, I have to do something for it. It has just been killing me. I can't take this anymore-- I admit I am hoping for a positive result, and I should know better.

    My step-grandmother has had Lyme for twenty years, and has been on all sorts of abx off and on, etc. It has been a hard life for her, so I know this dx is not a magic fix.

    Still-- my osteopath urged me to get this done, so I need to get the ball moving again.

    Sorry for all these basic kindergarten type questions-- I am so foggy and in so much pain.

    I will check back soon.

    Thanks ahead of time,
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    For all that information.

    That is nice to know that I don't have to worry about the provoking abx thing.

    My grandmother (who lives in MI-- her first dxing doctor was one of the ones who got publically sacked for "overdiagnosing".)

    Her herxes on doxy are just crazy-- not just drug side effects like diarrhea or nausea, but wild fluctations in temperature, hot and cold sweats, tingling, skin breakouts-- just weird stuff.

    so we have often wondered why docs don't just give doxy to a person and see how they respond. Then there wouldn't be this ongoing testing thing. You can just watch the drug do its thing and then a adjunctive Igenex test could be the "paperwork" that seems to be so almighty important.

    Anyway, it is good to know about the time of the month thing, too, because I feel like death for about one week every month that cannot just be all PMS.

    We've got about three labs near the hospital that I can use, and just pay them. Hopefully, it will all happen before a Wednesday.

    I think that it would be good to be tested when I feel terrible-- as in, I might try to "flare" myself a little, just to "bring it out"--

    sort of what Dr. Bell is describing with the mitochondria testing. Stressing the system provides quite another picture.

    Usually, I have to wait til I feel well enough to drive myself to the lab-- so that obviously is not a time when the functional picture is matching the biochemical picture.

    I definitely will report back on how it all goes.

    P.S. It's amazing to me how long it has taken for everything to come together. The bugs themselves (if they're there) seem to get the upperhand by making us so sick we can hardly get our sh#% together for even two days together, just get the testing over with! ARG!