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    I know full well that at times it's difficult to look for the good in our life but I am so thankful for the small things now as well as the really big. That is one thing that this has given me. I know that I have become a better person it's much easier now for me to walk in anothers shoes. I have more compassion and understanding. Wish I'd learn this lesson another way but I am thankful for it. I am most thankful for a wonderful man who asked me to marry him 35 years ago. I was a full package-a widow with 4 kids 2 dogs 1cat and a white rat what was he thinking? I've been sick for 21 of the years and he has alway been here for me. I'm thankful that all of my family all are healthy. I'm thankful for all the friends in my life that my home is paid off and we have food in the cupboard. I'm thankful for Dr. Jose Montoya a man I love and I would adopt if he didn't want to marry my daughter (long standing joke). I'm thankful for Schwan their yellow truck and the sweet fellow that delivers my already prepared food to my home and puts it in the freezer. It makes my life so much easier. I'm thankful that with the cognitive improvement I've gotten I can read and understand again and I've enjoyed so many new authors this year. I'm really thankful that I can balance out my checkbook and where I might not be the sharpest kid in the class I'm doing much better. I'm thankful that after my last relaspe I know that I need to take better care of myself I feel that this time I have truely learned the lesson. I'm thankful for all of you and your information and support . Joyce
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    i am thankful for a lot, also. loved this post of yours. i wonder what the hard parts of this journey have done for me. taught me to value time, to be able to deal just with one thing and be happy i can see it through.

    for my family- a lively interesting bunch- for grandchildren being born in a couple of months- for spending this Thanksgiving Day morning in the kitchen with my older son (not the one married with children on the way)- we're cooking up a storm!

    for good good friends i can really talk with and we can share truths.

    for being in San Francisco, which is such an entertaining and alive place.

    for family in the past- the many Thanksgivings we had together- now so many are gone- but what solid good times we had in the past.

    and for President-elect; i can't help but put that in. he's a president with potential. i'm reading Madeleine Albright's book, 'Memo to the Next President' - what a wise, articulate, funny lady. yes, my mental powers have improved to point i can read good books again.

    and grateful for the great Dr. Montoya, a wonderful warm human being and doctor. i love seeing him.

    and glad i may be embarked into a healing future. i sure have worked continuously and hard on this aim to restore my health. i and we all deserve big health gains.

    thanks- best to all- Sascha

  3. Janalynn

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    Wonderful post to start!
    I am thankful for so many things!...
    For a mind that still works..even when I'm a little foggy, I still have the ability to think, a heart with which I can love, eyes with which I can see the beauty of the world, the beauty in others. I can still hear the sounds of my children, the laughter, their cries when they need me. I can still hug them and offer what I've learned throughout my life to them, hoping that someday they will replay my words and they will mean something to them if not at that very moment that they are spoken.

    I'm thankful for an incredible family. I still have both of my parents and each year, I bring myself to tears thinking about the day when I can't say that. I have sisters and a brother who are my best friends.

    I'm thankful for the empathy that I've had (have) in my heart for others. I think it has made me a better person, more understanding and compassionate. I'm thankful that we have the ability to keep learning each and everyday no matter how old we are - I'm glad there are new days for a fresh start whenever we need one!

    Boy, I'm thankful for the internet and the ability to communicate with people like you who are sharing many of the same things that I am. It is priceless to be able to reach out to others in times of need, to be able to be there for others as well.

    I could fill this page with things I am truly thankful for - our freedom, the fact that I am not suffering from a terminal illness, that I have a roof over my head etc. but I will not do that. The point is that there are many things that I am so incredible grateful for, in spite of the MANY hardships I and so many of us have endured and continue to struggle with daily.

    I hope that everyone can find something in your hearts, that when you close your eyes, bow your heads, it brings a smile to your face, possibly a tear to your eye (because gratitude can do that), but mainly that even if it's a favorite memory, everyone has something to give thanks for today!
    For those who are sad today or suffering for whatever reason, you WILL be in my thoughts today - I promise you that.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  4. wendysj

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    Thank you for posting this...

    I am thankful for still being able to work. I love my job and the feeling of accomplishment it gives me.

    I am thankful for my family. My mom is the greatest mom to me. She's had to learn some difficult lessons in her life... I learned from her mistakes and seen the strength it takes to make it through tough times. She's also a very giving person. When we had only a little extra, she would give it to another family that had less.

    My brother has been my rock throughout my life. He and I were never separated as kids when moving from parent to parent. He has been there to listen every time I needed him. He calls me everyday to see how I'm feeling, he comes to doctor's appts and he makes me laugh in the hardest of moments.

    My little sister who has always been her own person. She learned from some of my mistakes and never repeated them. She's married and a teacher. She is always level headed and compassionate.

    I'm thankful for my boyfriend. I meet him during a short remission. He has been so strong and understanding through the surgeries and the FM. I never thought I would meet a man that I respect, love and trust as much as him.

    I'm thankful for every moment that I feel good. The days that I can walk my dog and watch her run and play. I'm thankful for still being as active has I am. I'm thankful for my friend Jen who is always there with wonderful words of encouragement.

    I'm thankful for this message board. It has really helps to know there are others out there going through the same things.

  5. stschn

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    I'm thankful for my powerchair, wheelchair, stairchair, and shower chair! I'm now to the point where I can stop damning being in and on them and appreciate what they do for me. I'm also thankful for my polar heartrate monitor which I'm back to wearing every day because it helps me to stop pushing me body -slow learner that I am. I'm thankful that I've stopped beating myself up for my recent relaspe. If you've been an over achiever all your life it is hard to stop the behavior.
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