what in creation is a coffee enema

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    i never heard of such a thing could someone explain.
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    HI -

    I know this is a sensitive subject - and easy to laugh about -- but you have really hit the head on something that can be of great support to your health.

    go find the book: Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care.
    It will explain alot. It helps with all of the ways to implement a strong, helpful digestive program - including enemas.

    There are several that are helpful and you can read about how to do them in the book. YOu can also order anything you need for supplies.

    There are also suggestions for diet changes and digestive cleanses and how to eat to support your cleansing process. The book is fantastic.

    I hope this helps. I use many of the suggestions - but I couldn't have learned it as well without first experiencing it at a clinic. It is all so foreign to us and we've lost the knowledge of these old school ways to support our health.

    You may also look for a professional colonic place. They can help to teach you and to support your efforts.

    Good luck.

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    I just read a post about daily coffee enemas. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of getting "hooked" on enemas, just like you can on laxatives, then having great difficulty moving your bowels without one?

  4. MKate

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    HI -

    I haven't seen or read of any evidence of that this type of protocol would cause your body to "get hooked", or that the digestive system will not work without them. Just the opposit is found, they help strengthen and to improve the natural health of the colon.

    Some enemas are utilized with other ingredients for specific purposes -- like green foods or enzymes. The goal is to remove toxins, and create a healthy balanced system (which has gotten off balance) The goal is to allow the body to begin moving your waist in a proper amount and within a normal 12 hour timeframe. So, daily enemas are probably not necessary in the long term. Short cleansing programs may include a daily for a time -- with other cleansing diets -- but this is with a goal to get back to a healthier state.

    Each person is different, and because of different issues may use enemas along with the other cleansing and diet solutions to keep the digestive tract strong.

    The book I mentioned is great. There is more to it than just getting rid of some discomfort. Rather, enemas are used to help our digestive systems to become efficient and to work well every day, eventually without enemas except for certain circumstances. Some people do one weekly, or when Yeast / candida causes problems. Some go to a professional colonic on a weekly basis. Folks with MS (and diseaese which slow our normal systems down anyway - such as CFS) use them as needed with great releif to their entire health.

    You might want to learn more about enemas and how everything works together to help your digestive system, and then use proper eating, cleansing, and enemas when necessary -- to get healthier or to stay healthier.

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    and feel they really helped with the battle with candida. My doc that diagnosed the candida at that time is the one that got me started on them. I was very skeptical and actually thought GROSS!!

    I have been amazed over the past three years at the amount of toxic junk I have gotten out of my liver and gallbladder. I do one about every two weeks and for me, feel they have been an important part of my recovery back to health.

    I would encourage anyone contemplating then to do alot of research and learn all you can before starting. One more important part, you must use only organic coffee, regular as been sprayed with pesticides and you do not want to be putting them in your colon. I also advise using only distilled or filtered water as regular tap water had too many chemicals as well.

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    Just wanted to give a little advice. After you do the coffee enema be sure and do a plain water one after (distilled or filtered) to make sure you get all toxins out of your colon that your liver dumps or you will feel miserable as your body will reabsorb the toxins. My doc failed to mention that and the first few I did I would get almost sick, real achey and headache and then finally realized what was going on.

    I always like to drink a couple of packets of Emergen C afterwards to restore any electrolite balance that might be thrown off.

    I do half the bag and then retain for 10 minutes, release and then do the other half and retain that for 10 minutes, if I can anyway.

    Good luck, hope it goes well for you.

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    If I don't get a dose of coffee enema by eight in the morning, I get a horrific headache and become very grouchy. I take mine with cream only.

    However, lately, I have found that a venti soy mocha coffee enema is a much better quality.

    But this is only my anecdotal experience and some people think it is the placebo effect that Starbucks is better because it is more expensive.

    Like Amsterdam, you have to ask to "see the menu" to actually get a colonic at Star Bucks.

    My companion at the time, and myself were in Amsterdam 20 years ago, and let me tell you There is nothing like going through the "red light district" after purchasing off the menu at the Green Leaf Cafe. My only advice would be to take some munchies with you.

    World travel can give you such eye opening experiences. If you go for the enemas, you will get another type of orifices opening experiment.

    gap :0
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    nice effort to derail a perfectly serious post about enemas.

    I know you dont give much credence to healing outside of drugs made by pharmas...but
    other people do.

    God Bless
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    :D !!!!!![This Message was Edited on 09/07/2009]
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    Sorry, but I thought that was cute, and cleverly put. I can still read this post seriously, learn something and enjoy the little pun......I didn't think it was being done maliciously. I appreciated all the information here.