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    Where, please, is the little "click here" that used to let us know if someone replied to a few thousand words we posted?

    How long should it take, on the average, to get to see if a posted message actually arrives under some topic or other on the boards?

    The reason I ask the question just above is that I wrote a comment regarding an article on ProHealth.com's home page....the article was about experiments on mice which have RA....and some much-needed info was omitted from the article.

    Sniping comment: human beings are not mice. We often get treated the same as lab rats but that's not the same thing.

    And how did those poor mice get RA in the first place? Makes me wonder whether RA and a host of other ills were somehow given, as a sort of unwanted gift that Keeps On Giving?
    Actually, Keeps Taking Away, bleep.

    In case my questions regarding the experimentation involving big brand new WonderDrugs falls through the cracks and never makes it to the area of PH's message boards I had hoped to see it on, I will attempt a copy/paste:

    Regarding Ubiquitin Ligase Smurf1 Mediates Tumor Necrosis Factor-induced Systemic Bone Loss by Promoting Proteasomal Degradation of Bone Morphogenetic Signaling Proteins, I would like to have further information.
    How many of the Group Experiment mice died short of the average life expectancy of the class of rodents, possibly due to having been subjected to the treatments?

    What effect did the experiment have on the organs of the mice --- brain, heart, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, respiratory & reproductive systems, also sight, hearing, and recognition and digestion of food, etc.?
    The articles delineating the hoped-for results of the treatments did not, as far as I could determine, include such information.


    Well gee gosh my words did appear here!! Am now logging off and will come back later to see if I can find my way through the labyrinthine process that might allow me back to this board.

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