What in the world is wrong with me/what is this called???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ilovepink4, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. ilovepink4

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    While in the midst of some marital discord, I have been suffering with a case of ??? i feel like I can't get a full breath....my heart feels like it is working too hard, not pounding but just not right....i have ice flowing through my veins....i feel weak and like I am going to panic...

    this classic fight or flight feeling....the stess thing that got me in this situation of fibro...or one of the main causes for me, i think....in addition to mono, surgery, a car accident, and my friends 3 yr old son being killed.....all of this happened within 2-3 years....but mainly chronic stress of a disabled child and two rowdy boys!

    this feeling is like my major freak out feeling but it never lasts and hangs on for days....what is it and how do i get rid of this???? the marital crap will take a while....sigh...that would cure me if it would just go away...

    what else can i do? what is this feeling? does anyone else have this???
  2. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Sounds like one of those...I know I've felt that way before too. I'd suggest (of course) talking to your Dr ASAP. Don't let it get worse!

    My Dr recently told me to start taking Ashwanagha (sp?). It's an Aryuvedic (sp? again) herbal remedy for helping w the stress response in our bodies. I've been taking it for a few wks and possibly feel a bit calmer. Hard to tell, everyday is different for me. He even takes it himself if he's feeling stressed.

    Are you on any anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds? Have you tried any homeopathic calming type remedies? I've tried Calmes Forte and Rescue Remedy in the past...I always try the more natural approach if I can.

    Try to do some relaxation exercises, deep breathing, etc. I know, easier said than done, but it helps. Please take care of yourself....I have 2 spec needs/autism spectrum/learning disabled/devel disabled kids myself, I am the queen of stress!

    I constantly have to remind myself to JUST BREATHE!!!
  3. ajgrandma

    ajgrandma New Member

    Hey, you are not alone. This is all so familiar to me. I've been through a lot too in the past few years. You may not think you are depressed, I didn't either, but there is no way you can go all through this in addition to the FM and not be. You are also having serious anxiety issues which are affecting your FM. I've been going through, yet another, life crisis which has caused a huge flare-up. Since October I just don't know what to expect from one day to the next. It has affected every aspect of daily funtioning! My entire body was on high alert yesterday. I could not even tolerate my hair coming anywhere near my face or it drove my absolutely insane. Your FM may not settle until your life, or way of dealing with it, changes.

    Too often lately, I feel I am hanging on by a thread. It is hard for even your closest friends to imagine what you are going through. Sure, they see changes in you but they will never have the full impact of what you experience every day. Even with all the information you can provide them, only a fellow FM sufferer can truly get it.

    When you feel overwhelmed...make sure you are not subconsciously holding your breath. Try this...breath in for 8, hold it for 8 and exhale for 8. You may not be able to do it...keep trying. It works. I have used this to avoid panick attacks for years.

    I've never in my life been on a message board but when I read your post I felt like I had to sign up and login just to let you know someone understands what you are going through first hand. I wish you all the luck in the world. God Bless.
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  4. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    I was wondering if I should be calling my doc...i can't believe that my fibro hasn't gotten out of control...i am mostly housebound....can go out for short little outings a couple times a month....but i feel like i am going to blow up...die of a heart attack if i let it make me get really cranked up.....

    i don't do well on AD's...i take a tiny dose of effexor basically because it is so hard to get off the last of it...anytime i try to up the dose, the sweating kicks in terribly....i used to be on 300 mgs before i got diagnosedwith fm....and then the sweating just got worse and worse so i tried to get off of it....so i try to avoid the AD's....i take supplements and stuff like that....

    i have xanax for the days when i get anxious....but only supposed to take one for the day and one for bedtime...

    i really feel like i can't breathe.....like my lungs are just too tired and too stiff....

    does that calmes forte work fast or do you have to take it for a long time?

    you are right about telling yourself to breathe....i think i forget when i am stressed out....thanks for helping me!
  5. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    I am honored that you signed up here just to talk to me! That is so sweet! I know exactly what you mean when your body goes on high alert....for me it will involve over heating and i feel crazy-crabby! it also will involve a Xanax....heehee....they don' t do much for me though....i take one before bed and then one during the day if i am feeling anxious....

    they aren't doing the trick at the moment...i will try to breathing exercise, thanks for the suggestion....

    I really feel like I am going to freak out since i just can't breathe....but, once my husband gets home, i calm down much more....i mentioned that we are having problems...or should i say, he is having problems with me....

    i can' treally blame him, really, who would want to have to pick up the pieces of our large family and do both parents jobs....and his demanding job....

    if something bugs me i complain about it and usually get over it....he is built different and he just sucks it up and doesn't talk about it....why am i having the breathing troubles if I am the one that vents and he is the one that stuffs it???

    i was hoping that someone would say, this is what is wrong....call your doc and get this pill and you will feel just fine....except i am afraid to try any pills the doc has for me...anything new usually means new problems....even a new pain pill sounds not very enticing...what if it made me puke? or sleep for 3 days? or hurts my stomach?or makes me gain 30 lbs overnight?

    Really, thank you for signing up to talk to me! it helps to hear other people's experiences with this not breathing thing....

    I am sorry that you are having troubles too....it is so frustrating when friends can't get it....

    you are right about the depression...i have always had troubles with it...i just hate the meds for it....even SAMe hurts my tummy...and other ones i try from the doc make me get wired...if they are the calming type, then i gain weight just opening the bottle!!!!

    i hope that your life crisis is not another health related one....there have been lots of ppl in my community battling cancer or their kids have it....that makes this stuff look like small peanuts....well, sometimes....

  6. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I have had the breathing problems too, feel like I can't take a deep breath when stressed. Also, have felt like the muscles in my neck are so tight they are strangling me. I originally went on Prozac due to this and major depr episodes.

    I know the horrors of some of the ADs out there...Prozac is the only one that I can tolerate. I did the Effexor thing and had awful side effects if I took more than 75mg...I also experienced the horrible sweating and I literally felt like I had snakes squirming around in my head!

    Another med for anxiety is Buspar, I've heard it works well for some people. The Calms Forte is supposed to help soon after you take it...it can be used for anxiety and for sleep. I have used it several times, but don't really notice a significant effect to be honest w you.

    I just went to the Dr yesterday and found out I probably have an ulcer...I always have stomach aches from meds and supplements. So I can understand that issue you have also!

    Your situation sounds so similar to mine. I rarely go out, I don't work (couldn't anymore really), dh works A LOT, kids drive me absolutely insane, I could go on and on. I tend to get very upset easily (even w Prozac), but dh is always mellow and doesn't let things bother him...or he just buries everything and doesn't complain or talk about it. My life is not very enjoyable anymore, I often wake up dreading the hours ahead of me.

    How old are your kids? Mine are teenagers, but w all of their issues they are like having much younger kids. They are often mean, aggressive and nearly impossible to control due to their various disorders. I never imagined that having children would be so incredibly difficult. I really believe that most of my health issues stem from all of the stress I've been under the past 18 yrs...sad, but true.

    If I can support you in any way, I'd be happy to. I have more interaction w people on the internet than I do in real life. Notice my name, it's self explanatory;)
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  7. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    And those of us who actually wanted kids could have never imagined how much of a nightmare they can be at times! Babies are so sweet and easy compared to what happens as they grow up;)

    I am forever saying to myself..."What was I thinking????" LOL
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It may be that you really do have ice in your veins considering the recent blizzard
    in Minnesota. Here in Los Angeles we are having lots of rain. 7 days non-stop.
    Yesterday the weather man said we could expect a week of cold temps. In the
    50s. Uff-da!

    Have you visited the depression board? Might be some modalities there you
    could try. I still take my antidepressant, but am also using vitamin D3, the
    vitamin B12 patch and grapeseed extract. My depression is less severe now.

    Can you get some help w/ the kids? Relatives; govt. aid; babysitters? Just
    enough to give you a break now and then.

    Hope the situation improves. Ha det bra.

  9. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Good pt w the Ice comment, LOL, always the jokester aren't you???....I'm in Riverside County and over the wkend, the birdbath in my backyard was frozen for 2 days! Not liking the cold at all, I'm a wimp.

    Sorry to get off topic here Pink.....but our hearts are always warm :)
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  10. matwood58

    matwood58 New Member

    I know in my area of the world they have something similar to hospice that gives the parents of handicapted children a break a few times a week. It sure helps in some instances. I think ours is run through the county nurse. You would be amazed what a couple hours a week would do for your issues.
    Also, I walk (slowly) around my yard in my jammies, several times a day which helps with anxiety and breathing issues. especially at night when the stars are out. It sure is peaseful and I don't even notice the cold. Right now we are in a freeze. Our highs I think are in the single digits. Lows are -12 degrees.
    Good luck with the children and your health
  11. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    as I have experienced something silmilar. I also use Calms Forte and think it is wonderful--would not be without it. It is inexpensive, natural and OTC. I highly recommend it.

    Good luck--anxiety is a terrible feeling, but I felt some relief once I was able to identify it as anxiety. And the Calms works wonders!

    One word about the Calms: even though it is defined as a sleep aid, it was not particularly effective for me as such. But during the day, when I feel anxiety coming on, it works like a charm.

    Good luck--Laura
  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    try the Suntheanine type of L-theanine (it is sold under several different lables like Blue Bonnet & Enz. Therapies).... it is an amino acid, derived from green tea.

    It makes a world of difference for my son in particular, and when my life gets sucked into another crisis, I take it too. Neither of us could ever tolerate any type of rx'd med.

    It works quite quickly - within a day literally for us - without any side effects, tho of course none of us are necessarily alike.

    Hope things get better... I can sympathize & empathize both with you.

    all the best,

  13. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    Suntheanine is considerably more expensive than Calms Forte--may be a consideration.

    I had recently priced several vitamins and found Suntheanine to average about $19 for 60 tablets; 100 Calms Forte for $8. Shop around! I also find drugstore.com to be a great store with lots of varied reviews for OTC products. They deliver super fast, and usually offer free shipping for first time customers.

    Good luck--

  14. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I checked my local Vitamin Shoppe via online, and they are signifigantly less for the Calms, btn $4-6. I will go there tomorrow since I am down to one pill. For some reason, I did not think to look for my Calms there since I had originally bought it in Walgreens. But the L-Theanine is still pricey there. I guess it varies from product to product and store to store; just goes to show you that you really need to do your homework and folllow the sales. Just more work for us to do!!


    P.S. BTW, I was in Walmart yesterday to buy some OTC cold products for my daughter, and those products were signifigantly less than Walgreens and Riteaid. But they did not have Calms, or at least I could not find it. I looked and looked.
  15. IanH

    IanH Active Member

    What you are describing is anxiety and with fibromyalgia as well I am surprised you are coping as well as you are. Prolonged anxiety can lead to depression in some people and so you should perhaps discuss it with a professional. Deep relaxation or meditation can help with the symptoms but it is helpful to be able to maintain clear thinking and have a comforting plan of action.

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