what is a drug seeker anyways???

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  1. Jen F

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    I wish I had asked my doctor that yesterday when it came up in conversation.

    If it means someone seeking medications, then, hey, I'm a drug seeker, just like that other patient of his with an inoperable disk injury who was needing more pain meds.

    So, let's add "drug seeker' to the list of:

    attention seeker

    I wouldn't be surprise if all those and more are on the doc's mental list pertaining to me.

    I think we can all get quite a list built up when dealing with doctors WHO KNOW LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT CFS OR FM!!!!!!!!




  2. suz41

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    Perhaps your doctor use a poor choice of words, of course if your in pain you want to stop it so your right asking about meds appears normal to me. In my book as an addictions therapist a "drug seeker" is a person who will go from doctor to doctor or ER room to ER room to usually obtain narcotic or other addictive or dependency creating medications. Many hospital keep a person seeking sheet to warn the staff if they show up seeking a fix. It doesn't sound to me as though you fit that category just that you want the pain to stop. Are you able to talk with your physician or get linked up to a pain specialist. Hey Ranting is OK, good for the soul. Keep us posted, This too shall pass.
  3. Jen F

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    but, yes, I would love to have a GP that understands CFS and also one that is a little more informed on PAIN MANAGEMENT.

    I am actually going to see a different MD tomorrow who practises out of my Naturopath's office, I need some Naturopathic supplies anyways. He's not a great "fit" for me, from the little that I know about him, but he might be more helpful and he can also do hypnotherapy which might help me cope with my pain.

    The doc I saw yesterday used the term drug seeker to refer to a previous patient with inoperable disk problem who wanted a higher dose of pain meds.

    I bet he wasn't a "drug seeker" either.

    Yes, it's frustrating that as soon as I start asking for stronger pain meds or for info, whether it's from the pharmacy or the doctor, this big alert seems to go up. Yet, articles I read from pain management specialists or product monographs say these meds ARE INDICATED for moderate to severe pain and if not used long term and not used to experience euphoria are not necessarily habit forming. They should be used to take the edge and maybe a touch more off the pain, which is what I am doing. I still have a little pain, but it's much more tolerable with the narcotics and I don't need much of them. But 2 tylenols every 4 hours in addition to my Mobicox and occasional muslce relaxant was not doing the job.

    If my neck problem is not resolved within a few months, I will be looking at more of a problem with concern over habituation, but not at this point. Besides, in the meantime I can do the more timeconsuming research on the supplements and herbal pain relief and joint helpers such as glucosamine which may take a while to work but should help with the pain. Also, maybe by then some doctor will have a F@@#$%n clue as to what should be done about my neck!

    I may not get in to see a neuro for a month or more and much longer for physiatrist.
  4. Mikie

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    There are just too many docs who know nothing about tolerance, dependence, and addiction. Some are so paranoid that they assume anyone who asks for pain relief is a "drug seeker."

    Pain specialists, who are better educated in these matters, look for drug seeking behavior. This might includine claiming to have lost one's pills and asking for another Rx before the month is up, trying to get more and more pills beyond what is medically indicated for the condition, using recreational drugs in addition to the Rx, and acting evasive when questioned by the doc about the pain or the Rx. Pain docs get pretty good at identifying drug seeking behavior.

    It's sad that so few docs are educated in these matters. That is why I believe in using pain specialists.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Jen F

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    The Neuro I asked for a referral to also works in a pain clinic and was suggested to me by a CFS acquaintance, so fingers crossed...hopefully in a month I will have a doc who knows more about pain and meds.

    Though, I'd rather just not be in pain anymore and cancel my appointment :)

    CFS really sucks, but at least pain wasn't my most debilitating factor before this
  6. mamafrey

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    How about all the meds i have up in my medicine cabinet that i cannot take because i have reacted to them. I have always wondered what drs. think when you tell them you react and need something else. I have done this so many times cause i am allergic to so many meds OR some meds just don't work. I feel like i am coming off as i want something stronger, which isnt the case. But you wonder what the drs. are thinking. mama
  7. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    Like I did.

    I brought the demerol I had been prescribed [i had only taken one] and the 40 Tylenol 3 left over to the doctor to show them that I was truly not taking them due to bad reactions.

    I think that held some weight with the doctor, and although I asked if I could keep them to give to friends prescribed such without rx coverage, but he said no and dumped them out, which is fine if it is going to encourage his trust in me.

    so, mama, if you are worried about what your doctor will think, bring the prescriptions with you to show that you haven't taken them.

    Although I decided to do that on my own, a nurse relative of mine also suggested that to me.